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Liberal Alan Dershowitz: Maxine Waters Should be ‘Ashamed’ for Calling Me ‘Racist’

Liberal legal scholar Alan Dershowitz, a lifelong Democrat, isn’t taking mad Marxist [score]Maxine Waters[/score] (Commie – CA) calling him a “racist” lightly.

On ABC’s “The View” Friday, Democrat Congresswoman Maxine Waters was unable to intellectually argue against Dershowitz’s contention that special prosecutor Robert Mueller has “stacked the deck” against President Trump, and therefore had to resort to using her all-familiar race card, which always has stacked on her deck of cards.

On Friday, Dershowitz made the case that Robert Mueller had “stacked the deck” against the president by empaneling a grand jury in the Russian probe which will sit near Washington, D.C., which is Democrat bastion what typically votes 90 percent or more for progressive leftist Democrats — not exactly Trump country:

The new panel will sit in Washington; the other one is in Alexandria, Va., Dershowitz told WABC Radio’s Rita Cosby:

DC is “always solidly Democratic and has an ethnic and racial composition that might be very unfavorable to the Trump Administration,’’ Dershowitz said.

Therefore if it votes to indict anyone, prosecutors will have a better chance of getting sympathetic jurors in Washington than in Alexandria, which is a “swing area, sometimes Democrat, sometimes Republican,’’ he said.

Asked by Cosby if he thinks it “kind of stacks the deck against the president,’’ Dershowitz, a former Harvard law professor, said, “Yes. Yes, I do.’’

He described it as “a tactical move’’ by the prosecutor.

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On Friday’s “The View,” the seemingly mentally challenged Maxine Waters somehow viewed the above conversation “racist” on the part of Alan Dershowitz, and after having watched a clip of the leftist making the accusation, he pulled no punches, stating that Waters fast and lose use of the race card costs her credibility and diminishes the word “racist” in a way that causes it to lose its impact when used to label real racists (like her?).

“Maxine Waters should know better,” Dershowitz told Abby Huntsman on “Fox and Friends” Sunday morning. “She knows that every experienced lawyer — white, black, Asian, Latino — knows that when you’re selecting a jury, factors like ethnicity, race and political affiliation matter.”

“If I had said that race didn’t matter, she would have called me a racist,” Dershowitz pointed out, which is probably correct.

“She throws around the term so loosely and so inappropriately and it weakens her credibility,” he contended. “Just by calling everybody a racist — by calling me a racist — when she calls real racists, ‘racists,’ nobody is going to believe her.”

Dershowitz, one of the famous attorneys in the original O.J. Simpson murder case in 1995, said that using Waters’ logic, then fellow O.J. attorney Johnnie Cochran must be a racist in her eyes since he “obviously understood that the racial composition in the O.J. Simpson case mattered a great deal.”

“She ought to be ashamed of herself. You know, being black doesn’t give you a license to call people racist, any more than being Jewish gives you a license to call people anti-Semitic. So she ought to understand that every criminal defense lawyer knows, that race matters, ethnicity matters, political affiliation matters.

We’re not talking about computers here, we’re talking about real jurors making real decisions and jurors make decisions based on their life experience and race and ethnicity is part of everyone’s life experience.”

Dershowitz continued by reiterating that Maxine Waters was recklessly throwing around the race card and should be ashamed of herself.

Separately, Maxine Waters, who has been calling for the impeachment of President Donald Trump even before he took office, told “The View” panel of mostly feminazis that after Trump is impeached, she’ll work on impeaching Vice President Mike Pence (who she referred to as “Putin”)

For what is anyone’s guess, but you can bet the “racist” charge will be forthcoming.


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