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Liberal Alan Dershowitz CRUSHES CNN’s ‘Nixonian’ Narrative [VIDEO]

The Democrat Media Complex and the Democrat Party (is there a difference?) are hellbent to paint the narrative that the firing of former FBI Director James Comey is “Nixonian” in order to make a case for impeaching still-new President Donald Trump.

There were no worries when Obama clearly obstructed justice with his “not a smidgen” of corruption comment about his using the IRS as a political weapon or when he spied on reporters. Nope, the media is tanned, rested and ready after an eight-year-long siesta.

With that being said (everyone knows the media is out to destroy Donald Trump), Trump’s undisciplined, wild, and ego-driven self-imposed errors are making his destruction very easy for the opposition party — the mainstream media. You wouldn’t be seeing a President [score]Ted Cruz[/score] or even [score]Marco Rubio[/score] pour fuel on the circus-like environment we’re seeing. Trump seems to thrive on chaos and drama and it’s not helping the country or his presidency.

But there’s one legal scholar who is maintaining at least some level of objectivity. Famous liberal law professor and legendary attorney Alan Dershowitz, professor emeritus, Harvard Law School, who appeared on CNN with a panel of blood-thirsty leftists like CNN senior legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin, who ironically was a student of Dershowitz’s.

Let’s just say school was in session and the former student got taught a lesson in history by his former professor.

With an assist from CNN host Anderson Cooper, Jeffrey Toobin (apparently we’ve moved now from “Trump-Russia” to “Trump=Nixon.” Have you noticed?) tried to compare a conversation Trump allegedly had with James Comey is the “smoking gun” and a “threat” to Trump’s presidency, Dershowitz was asked to comment.

“I respectfully disagree,” Dershowitz began. “What he said is perfectly reasonable but we have separation of powers. We have a unitary executive. The president is in charge of the entire executive branch. Historically, the president has always told the FBI and the Justice Department who to investigate, who not to investigate,” he asserted.

“Now, I agree with you, if the president every came out did what Nixon did, and that is, told his assistant to create a fake story — tell the CIA to say ‘this is a national security issue, we can’t have any further investigation,’ that comes much closer to an obstruction of justice,” he contended.

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“But for a president, and tone is everything and that’s why if there are tapes, we should hear them,” he continued. “If the president politely suggests to the Director of the FBI, ‘He’s a good guy, [former National Security Adviser Mike] Flynn, I would appreciate if you let him off the hook; I fired him,’ that doesn’t become…”

Toobin then interrupted, cutting off his former professor in mid-sentence.

“Even though the President himself is a subject or part of this investigation?” Toobin interrupted. “It’s okay for him to say ‘Shut it down?’”

“And we should also point that the President also had dinner with James Comey previously, and supposedly had asked Comey for a pledge of loyalty.” Anderson Cooper interjected, attempting to pile on.

“And he says that Comey told him he was not a subject,” Dershowitz fired back. “He didn’t get a target letter, he didn’t get a subject letter. Look, this is a close question, but when it’s the President of the United States, and we have separation of powers, the courts are going to resolve these issues in favor of the President if what he did was lawful. If he destroyed tapes, if he refused to comply with a subpoena, that’s one thing, but we’re going to see erring on the side of presidential authority and presidential power.”

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Dershowitz then opined that he doesn’t think there are any tapes of conversations between Trump and Comey, that the White House wouldn’t be that “stupid.”

On a side note, Alan Dershowitz was also a professor of constitutional conservative Senator Ted Cruz, and the two sparred regularly. Dershowitz said Cruz was “off the charts brilliant.” One has to wonder what he would say about Toobin.

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