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Let’s Revisit Cenk Uygur’s And Rachel Maddow ‘s Reaction After Progressive Pervert Anthony Weiner Committed His Sex Crimes [VIDEOS]

'The Young Turks' Host Cenk Uygur, progressive pervert Anthony Weiner, Leftist MSNBC Host Rachel Maddow (L to R)

A trip down memory lane……..

Rachel Maddow opining that it was very likely a big hoax.

Below are videos of the perpetually constipated Maddow yukking it up with Weiner about the purported size of his penis as she interviewed him (trying so arduously to forward his claim that he is not a creepy sexual predator) and offering her audience of lemmings some possible “evidence” that Weiner’s Twitter account was hacked.

Some beauties from Cenk Uygur:

“We have excellent proof that, in fact, he was hacked.”

“What did I tell you, from the very minute we started covering this, I said there’s NO WAY this story is true, NO WAY.

“On his public Twitter account? You’re crazy.”

Good times.


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Alex David is an Entrepreneur, Marketing and Digital Advertising Executive, proud father and Christian who converted from being a die-hard liberal progressive to a self-educated Jeffersonian Constitutionalist Conservative, Milton Friedman Apologist and NRA Member. God Bless America!

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