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Leeann Tweeden Speaks Out About Progressive Democrat Senator Al Franken Sexually Assaulting Her [VIDEOS]

Progressive leftist Senator Al Franken, a 2020 Democrat presidential hopeful, is being accused of forcibly kissing and groping KABC Talkradio 790 (Los Angeles) news anchor Leeann Tweeden, including grabbing her breasts while she was sleeping (see photo above).

Tweeden, a former fitness model, wrote on the KABC website that in December of 2006, she was on her ninth USO tour to entertain military troops in the Middle East when the leading Democrat sexually assaulted her.

On Thursday, Leeann Tweeden faced the camera’s for the first time, telling reporters about Democrat Senator [score]Al Franken[/score] grabbing her by the back of the head and trying to shove his tongue down her throat.

Tweeden also told the story (see picture) below, of Franken, a former Saturday Night Live comedian, grabbing her breasts while she was sleeping:

Here’s Leeann Weeden telling her sad story of feeling “violated” by Democrat Al Franken and explaining why she’s doing it now:

Leeann Tweeden was asked by one reporter is Al Franken should be removed by the Senate. Here was her response:

[score]Mitch McConnell[/score]has called for an ethics investigation into Al Franken, even though pictures already exist of his disgusting behavior and should be removed from office. Yet, McConnell had a different take on Christian conservative constitutionalist Roy Moore’s much flimsier allegations.

Judge Moore was quick to shed light on McConnell’s hypocrisy:

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