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Could This Latest Tweet Indicate the End of Colin Kaepernick’s NFL Career?

He’s continually disrespected the American flag and those who fought and died for it. He’s worn t-shirts honoring communist butcher Fidel Castro to post-game press conferences. It turns out that he was just getting starting with his anti-American activities.

On Saturday, former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick, who remains unsigned, may have just hung a big ole’ “Don’t Hire Me” sign on his back with the wannabe social justice warrior’s latest tweet which throws the nation’s police officers under the bus by comparing them to slave catchers.

“You just can’t ignore your history,” the meme posted by Kaepernick begins. “Always remember who they are,” it states while showing the image of two badges side-by-side, one that says “runaway slave patrol” next to one that says “police officer.”

Note: We are posting the tweet twice, once with a link to the original and another as a screenshot in case his agent tells him to pull it down:

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As I’ve documented before, the progressive leftists within sports media have been working overtime to pressure any NFL owner to hire Kaepernick. Story after story continues to be written touting the mediocre quarterback’s talent. When other free agents are signed, articles come out like clockwork, accusing the hiring NFL owner of discrimination, as if it’s somehow wrong to discriminate against someone who hates America, in America.

It’s been the biggest organized propaganda campaign in the NFL since the push to get homosexual Michael Sam signed.

Colin Kaepernick just made their job that much harder. But I’m sure the spinmeisters will somehow spend a lot of ink on trying to justify this latest train wreck.

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