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‘Last Man Standing’ May Have Found a New Television Home

Last week, ABC announced that it was cancelling the hit show Last Man Standing, starring Hollywood legendary comedian Tim Allen. This announcement came as a surprise to many since Last Man Standing was ABC’s number two rated comedy, averaging 8.1 million viewers. After backlash from viewers over the cancellation, ABC claimed that it was a business decision made after they decided to no longer air comedies on Friday night.

To anyone with commonsense, that rationale makes no sense. Why would you cancel a hit show, completely taking it off the air? If you no longer wanted to air comedies on Fridays, even though you had a hit show on your hands that happened to be a comedy airing on Fridays, why not just move it to another day?

Some have speculated that the show was canceled because Tim Allen’s character, Mike Baxter, is a Christian conservative who does not hide his faith or his politics. In fact, Baxter has had many a zinger against Democrats. It’s unlike anything on television where most shows take cheap pot shots at Republicans, even at a grotesquely sexual level.

A petition for ABC to reverse their decision on cancellation of the show has been rapidly gaining signers. It currently has over 360,000 signatures. But, if one network gets its way, Tim Allen’s hit show may have another home on a network that truly wants them, rather than be relegated to one which obviously despises it.

On Thursday, PureFlix Entertainment entertained a question on their Facebook page to see what their fans thought about Last Man Standing having a new home on their network. Specifically, the wanted to know if fans thought Tim Allen’s people should call PureFlix’s people to make a deal.

In their article, PureFlix indicated that there were rumors that FOX News is trying to sign the show but such efforts have so far been unsuccessful. They then asked Allen to consider PureFlix as an alternative to the traditional network television stations.

For those unfamiliar with PureFlix Entertainment, in addition to having a subscription based service, they have brought you powerful, faith-based movies like God’s Not Dead, God’s Not Dead 2, and Woodlawn.

Could Tim Allen’s show Last Man Standing end up on PureFlix? Based upon a tweet from Allen, he was blindsided by the cancellation decision from the network he has called home for six years.

In actuality, ABC has been home to Tim Allen’s hit shows for far longer than six years. From 1991 to 1999,Tim Allen’s other hit show, Home Improvement, was on ABC as well. What’s changed is not a decrease in ratings but rather an increase in Tim Allen letting his right-leaning political views be known. He describes himself as a “center right, fiscal conservative.” Although he supported Ohio Governor John Kasich in the presidential race, he announced during a March appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live that he did attend Trump’s inauguration. Two months later, his show was canceled.

If this is the way ABC would treat a star who has been a force on their network over two different decades, then why should he go back even if the petition works and ABC wants to reinstate it?

PureFlix makes it clear that they are serious about picking up Last Man Standing and are actively working on making that happen.

So why should Allen go back to ABC? It sure seems like he and the program have plenty of other options on the table. Pure Flix has already made it clear they would interested in picking up the hit show. Networks are always looking for quality programming, and Allen has a proven track record.

Will there be other offers? Will talks with Pure Flix go any deeper?

Whatever the answer, you can bet there are a lot of conversations happening behind closed doors today. We will keep you posted to any further developments.

We’ll keep you posted.

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