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Ken Cuccinelli Tells Triggered Leftist Loudmouth Symone Sanders to ‘Shut Up for a Minute’ [VIDEO]

After former Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli was constantly and rudely interrupted by leftist loudmouth and former Soviet-style socialist Bernie Sanders press secretary Symone Sanders on Monday morning, Cuccinelli asked her to “shut up for a minute.”

The topic, of course, was the mayhem that occurred in Charlottesville, Virginia over the weekend as racist neo-Nazis “White Nationalists” clashed with communist “Antifa” agitators and one of the Nazi-types horrifically drove a car into a crowd, tragically killing one young woman and injuring several more. It is violence that should be thoroughly condemned but some, like Symone Sanders are trying to not “let a crisis go to waste” and spread the hate by trying to lump President Donald Trump and two of his advisers, Steve Bannon and Sebastion Gorka in with the Nazis, which Cuccinelli objected to.

“Can I finish, Simone? Will you just shut up for a minute and let me finish?” Cuccinelli said after Sanders kept interrupting him with CNN host Chris Cuomo’s apparent blessing of her badgering.

“Pardon me, sir, you don’t get to tell me to shut up on national television,” Symone Sanders, a racist who last year said that “We don’t need white people leading the Democratic Party,” hollered back.

“Hold on,” Chris Cuomo blurted, jumping in to defend Sanders.

“I’m sorry. Under no circumstances do you get to speak to me in that manner. You should exhibit some decorum,” Sanders bellowed hypocritically as if her constant interruption is somehow showing “decorum.”

“I keep getting interrupted,” Cuccinelli reminded Chris Cuomo, whose father is a former NY Governor and brother is the current one, both Democrats.

“We don’t tell people to shut up on this show. You can stand up for yourself and still be civil,” Cuomo said.

“How do you make them stop talking when they keep interrupting you?” Cuccinelli said.

“We use civil discussion on this show. I know you both want that when you’re at your best. There is no need for anything other than that on this program,” Chris Cuomo, who never once told Symond Sanders to stop interrupting, said.

Symone Sanders immediately took to Twitter after the extremely heated exchange, pulling the race card by accusing Cuccinelli, who never raised his voice and spoke in a calm manner, of somehow exhibiting “supremacy.”

But isn’t someone who habitually interrupts another person trying to show their “supremacy” over that person?

Watch the hot mess below:

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