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Kellyanne Conway to Brian Stelter: CNN Made ‘Business Decision’ to be ‘Unfair’ to Trump [VIDEO]

Counselor to President Donald Trump, Kellyanne Conway took a pretty mild shot at CNN on inappropriately named Reliable Sources on Sunday and host Brian Stelter, who has his own problem spreading fake news, really didn’t take the ribbing well at all.

Conway told Stelter, who hilariously tries to sound objective and professional (hint: he’s not, more of a Democrat Party propagandist among a network full of them), that it was obvious to everyone that CNN had made the “business decision” to be “incredibly unfair and systematically against” President Trump, before going on to a lengthy statement complimenting recently resigned White House press secretary Sean Spicer and also trumpeting some of the Trump administration’s accomplishments.

Stelter listened patiently, choosing not to refute any of the administration’s accomplishments over its first six months, but instead focused like a laser beam over Kellyanne Conway’s jab.

And Conway, of course, did not back down from her assessment that CNN is out to get the president rather than reporting news:

CNN’s BRIAN STELTER: So, in your first answer, you made several points about the administration’s accomplishments. But you started by attacking CNN. Why does attacking CNN make America great again? 

KELLYANNE CONWAY: No, I’m sure you want that to go viral. I’m not attacking CNN. I am wondering CNN spends its time — 

STELTER: You said the company made a business decision to be unfair to the president, when in fact what we are trying to do is cover an unusual president and try to explain what the heck is going on — 

CONWAY: OK, let’s break that down.

STELTER: — at a White House that seems awfully dysfunctional. 

CONWAY: Let’s break that down. Well, first of all, that’s not fair. And I constantly hear this coming out of the mouths of people that never worked in any White House, let alone this White House. If you want a more candid, clear look at the functioning of the White House, I invite you inside, come inside. 

You know, it’s two-way street. We don’t — we don’t see that. I’m a very accessible person. I think you’ll find with Anthony Scaramucci and others in the White House, we’re tough but humble. And we — this is the people’s house. 

You were welcome inside to see, but we never get those calls. We just turn on the TV and we see a one-way, non-conversation using words that are meant to deride and deny the president his due. They’re incredibly disrespectful. 

They go on, with a lot of back and forth and it gets a little heated. However, the anger comes mostly from Brian Stelter who obviously can’t defend the unadulterated leftist bias at his struggling network and it bothers him immensely to see the curtain pulled back.

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