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Judge Roy Moore Punches: McConnell’s Days of Majority Leader ‘Ending Very Soon’; ‘Alabamians Not Fooled by Inside Hit Job’

Judge Roy Moore, RINO Surrender Caucus Leader Mitch McConnell

Ten Commandments Judge Roy Moore is punching back hard against Surrender Caucus and RINO Leader [score]Mitch McConnell [/score]and his call for the fiery Christian conservative constitutionalist to drop out of the Alabama race to fill the Alabama U.S. Senate seat vacated by now Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

On Tuesday, Roy Moore tweeted that “Alabamians will not be fooled by this #InsideHitJob,” while predicting that “Mitch McConnell’s days as Majority Leader are coming to an end very soon.”

“The fight has just begun,” Moore, who has been a fixture in Alabama for decades, serving on the Alabama Supreme Court and fighting for issues like real marriage and the Ten Commandments at the risk of losing his career. Moore has previously called the Washington Post hit piece and other sudden allegations against him as politically driven. WaPo has endorsed Roy Moore’s Democrat opponent in the race, Doug Jones, which gives his suspicion weight.

“The good people of Alabama, not the Washington elite who wallow in the swamp, will decide this election!” Moore further tweeted on Tuesday, a shot at McConnell who is considered by many to be a key leader of the D.C. swamp.

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Hilariously, Moore included the hashtag #DitchMitch in his tweet:

Soon after, Moore unleashed another bomb on McConnell:

While the GOP establishment and even some conservatives have jumped on the anti-Moore fever, not everyone is buying the allegations against him. National Review writer Conrad Black on Tuesday said the smear against Judge Roy Moore — one month before the election on December 12 — “has the trappings of a partisan hit job.”

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Black writes that while he is not himself a supporter of Roy Moore, even before the allegations, characterized the allegations against Moore as a “premeditated political character assassination.”

Conrad Black writes:

“I don’t like Roy Moore as a candidate, but I don’t like premeditated political character assassinations either, and in a parallel of the fact that impositions on underage girls by grown men should be punished, if there is proof that they occurred, electioneering by severe partisan defamation unleashed at critically timed pre-electoral moments should not be rewarded with success.”

Roy Moore’s latest accuser was trotted out by none other than notorious ambulance chaser Gloria Allred, a liberal Democrat who has a history of last-minute dirty tricks against Republican candidates. Her involvement in the hatchet job against Moore adds a whole new layer of unbelievability to the allegations against Judge Roy Moore.

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The Washington Post hatchet job, conveniently produced a month before the Alabama Senate election on December 12, wants us to believe that Christian constitutionalist Judge Roy Moore, 70, a former member of the Alabama Supreme Court who stood up to vicious leftist attacks for his fight for real marriage and the Ten Commandments, sexually assaulted a 14-year-old girl when he was 32, in 1979, and that somehow — after 40 years in public service — (judges are elected in Alabama where Moore served on the Alabama Supreme Court) this “news” never before surfaced.

Several leading entrenched GOP establishment figures conveniently rushed to the microphones on Thursday to call for Ten Commandments Judge Roy Moore to step down from his Alabama U.S. Senate campaign after the left-wing fake news Washington Post — which endorsed Moore’s Democrat Primary — concocted a last-minute hit piece intended to take out the principled Christian constitutional conservative.

Shamefully, pro-Obamacare, pro-amnesty RINO John McCain, whose voting record is 67% liberal, called for Moore to step aside for the Democrat, even if the allegations are untrue. Fellow establishment squishes like Mitt Romney, who is reportedly going full-on carpetbagger with a run for the Utah Senate seat being vacated by the retiring Orin Hatch,  also piled on.

Should Roy Moore win the Alabama election on December 12, the GOP establishment has stated that they may expel him from his seat, effectively overthrowing the will of the voters of Alabama.

If that happens, get ready to see a backlash against the Republican Party establishment that hasn’t been seen since the rise of the Tea Party. McConnell’s desire to “crush” the Tea Party may come back to bite him right where it hurts the most.

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