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Judge Roy Moore: The DC Establishment Will Spend Millions to Defeat Me [VIDEO]

Fresh from winning the Alabama special election race by a healthy six-point margin on Tuesday night, Judge Roy Moore, known as “The Ten Commandments Judge,” predicted that the Washington, D.C. establishment will “funnel millions” into Alabama to try and defeat him in the upcoming runoff against [score]Mitch McConnell[/score] stooge Luther Strange.

Judge Roy Moore, who won 60 out of 67 counties despite being outspent 25-to-1, campaigned against Mitch McConnell’s “DC Slime Machine” after the RINO Surrender Caucus leader spent an estimated $8-10 million to smear him with false accusations and to support his puppet, Luther Strange, who was appointed to temporarily hold the seat vacated when former Senator Jeff Sessions became attorney general.

“You can expect Washington to be funneling millions of dollars in Alabama to win this race despite what the people of Alabama want,” Moore told the Fox & Friends crew on Tuesday morning.

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When asked why he thought President Trump endorsed Strange over him, the former Alabama Supreme Court Justice sounded perplexed.

“Well, I can’t help what they do behind doors in Washington, DC,” he replied. “I support the President’s agenda. I have supported him throughout and I don’t know why he did but that’s his decision, not mine.”

Judge Roy Moore said that he favors ending the Senate filibuster rule, which he characterized as “unconstitutional,” in order to help fix some of the “complete gridlock” in Washington.

“I understand that the filibuster rule is an unconstitutional rule,” he told the panel. “It’s a supermajority rule not imposed on the people of this country by the Founders but upon the Senate itself.”

The runoff vote will take place on September 26.

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