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Judge Roy Moore Answers Sean Hannity in Writing and Hannity Responds [VIDEO]

Judge Roy Moore responded to Sean Hannity on Wednesday after Hannity gave said during his FOX News program on Tuesday that Judge Moore should effectively debunk the allegations against him within 24 hours or drop out of the Alabama Senate election coming up on December 12, to replace the seat vacated when Jeff Sessions became the attorney general.

Judge Moore responded in a written letter making the case that the allegations against him are a politically-timed and orchestrated political hit job designed to derail his campaign. Moore contends that it would have been impossible for all of these accusations to just now surface, considering he has been thoroughly investigated several times in his 40-year public career in which he has been vetted several times (click on letter to enlarge):

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Without taking sides either way, Sean Hannity responded — in a nutshell — by stating that it will ultimately be up to no one else but the voters of Alabama to determine Roy Moore’s fate. After reading Moore’s letter in its entirety, Hannity said that as a former resident of Alabama at one point in his career, he trusts the people of Alabama to make the right decision in the upcoming election, which is December 12, and that neither [score]Mitch McConnell [/score]nor anyone else will make that determination:

“I lived in Alabama, I enjoyed my time in Alabama. And I know these people. They are smart, they are great Americans, god, family, faith, country, and I am very confident that when everything comes out, they will make the best decision for their state. Shouldn’t be decided by me, by people on television, by [score]Mitch McConnell[/score], Washington, talk show hosts, news people.”

Ironically, there are several reports of sexual misconduct among existing “unnamed” sitting congressman and senators. Those same legislators calling for Roy Moore may have just ended their careers if the names come out.

Another leading conservative talk show host, Mark Levin, said that both [score]Paul Ryan[/score] and [score]Mitch McConnell[/score] must resign because they obviously know who the guilty parties are under their leadership and covered the sexual misconduct up to protect their colleagues:

“I’m calling on Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan to resign,” Levin said. “Not to be provocative or controversial, but if this sexual harassment has been going on – I’m quite serious about this – in the United States Senate, in the United States House of Representatives, and they are the leaders. The Republicans have controlled the House of Representatives since 2011. [Republicans] have controlled the Senate since 2015. And Ryan and McConnell have been around a long time, and they know, they know who is who, or they know about many of those who are who is who, they should resign. And I am quite serious about that.”

Mitch McConnell, who has not called for corrupt Democrat [score]Bob Menendez [/score]whose facing multiple charges of corruption and bribery — not to mention hiring underage hookers — to resign, but stated that Judge Roy Moore would face an immediate ethics probe if elected to the Senate.

Judge Moore responded Wednesday evening:

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Former Tea Party congressman and conservative radio talk show host Joe Walsh came to the same conclusion as Hannity — that the people of Alabama will decide — but wondered who made Hannity “king.”

On Wednesday, Roy Moore attorney Phillip Jauregui held a press conference in which he demanding the original yearbook that was allegedly signed by Moore in 1977 be turned over by discredited ambulance-chasing attorney Gloria Allred so that Team Moore could prove that his signature was a forgery. Among the details proving the signature was a forgery was the initials “D.A.”

“After Judge Moore’s signature, it has the initials capital D.A. Remember I told you about that ’99 divorce action. Judge Moore looked at that D.A. after his signature which they allege was because he was the district attorney.

Well, he wasn’t. He was the Assistant District Attorney.

Judge Moore says can’t ever remember signing his name with D.A. after it, but he had seen it before. You know where he had seen it? When he was on the bench, his assistant, whose initials are D.A., Deborah Adams, would stamp his signature on documents and put capital D.A. That’s exactly how the signature appears on the divorce decree that judge Moore signed, dismissing the divorce action with Ms. Nelson.”

Roy Moore is a former Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court who has fought against U.S. Supreme Court tyrannical decisions on issues like real marriage and the Ten Commandments, making him a legendary conservative fighter in Alabama.


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