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Former Obama Official Confesses He’s Stunned at Trump’s China Success [VIDEO]

Former Obama State Department spokesman John Kirby

Former members of the Obama Regime rarely have a positive word for Republican President Donald Trump. Many are members of the so-called “Resistance,” either openly or subversively, desiring to be obstructionists for the sake of being obstructionist.

So when former Obama State Department spokesman John Kirby, a retired Rear Admiral in the U.S. Navy, appears on CNN of all places and touts President Trump’s foreign policy wins, it’s a pretty big deal.

Specifically, John Kirby told Wolf Blitzer on Thursday that he’s shocked that Trump has been able to put the squeeze on North Korea, finding that accomplishment unbelievable. In fact, he says that a year ago if you would have told him that Trump would have China tightening the screws on their fellow communists, he’d “laugh” at you:

WOLF BLITZER: “You do give the president some credit for squeezing the Chinese to put some pressure on North Korea.”

JOHN KIRBY: “I do. I absolutely do. I mean, Him and his team, they have — look, if you told me a year ago, Wolf, that the Chinese would cut off all natural gas, that they would cut off importing seafood from North Korea, that they would put pressure on the oil exports to North Korea to the degree that they have, I would have laughed at you.

I didn’t think that that was possible. This administration has been able to do that. Now, again, there’s more work needs to be done. I am encouraged when I hear Secretary Mattis and Secretary Tillerson talk about diplomatic efforts being in the lead, and the fact that there’s still maneuver space to explore diplomatic options. That makes me feel a little bit better.”

Perhaps unwittingly, Kirby is also admitting that his former boss — Obama — was a foreign policy nightmare. Can you think of one foreign policy — or any policy for that matter — that was in America’s best interests? I cannot.

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