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James Woods is Going Off on #BankFraudBernie

Actor James Woods, one of the very few in Hollywood who isn’t a complete anti-American progressive leftist nutjob or commie pinko, is one of the favorite (and highly recommended) follows on Twitter for good reason. Woods is the bane of Hollywood weirdos and lefties everywhere and his latest target is Communist Senator Bernie Sanders, who along with his wife, Jane are reportedly under investigation for bank fraud by the FBI.

As FOX News reported, the investigation is centered around a shady loan deal Jane Sanders received for now defunct Burlington College while she was the school’s president before she drove it into bankruptcy:

Sanders, a Vermont Independent, and wife Jane hired a legal team in connection to a 2010 loan application Jane Sanders purportedly filed so the school could borrow $10 million to purchase 33 acres of land, as reported first by Politico.

The hiring of the attorneys was confirmed to CBS News by Jeff Weaver, the campaign manager for Sanders in his bid to win the Democratic Party nomination in the 2016 presidential race.

Jane Sanders purportedly distorted school donor levels in the loan application she filed to People’s United Bank, according to the January 2016 complaint. The liberal arts college closed that same year.

Politico also reports that federal prosecutors could be looking into allegations that Sen. Sanders’ office tried inappropriately to get the bank to approve the loan. 

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The above news is delicious for those who are sick of the greedy Soviet-style Marxist selling himself as an angel of virtue, even though his communist ideology is responsible for over 100 million deaths in the last century. And Jame Woods came to the rescue to rub Uncle Bernie’s nose in it:

As we reported earlier on Sunday, Meet the Press‘s Democrat house organ Chuck Todd conducted a wide-ranging interview with Bernie Sanders and naturally, Todd provided Sanders with much-needed cover, declining to ask about the 800-lb elephant in the room. Woods also noticed this fake news interview:

Double the prosecutions? Double the fun? Woods then alluded to “Lying Loretta” Lynch, who has her own legal problems after former FBI Director James Comey revealed that she colluded with Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign.

Lynch, the former Obama Department of Justice, ordered Comey to downplay the FBI investigation into Hillary’s EmailGate scandal as only being a “matter” rather than a “criminal investigation,” which is what it was. Who will get perp-walked first? Inquiring minds want to know:

In conclusion,

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