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Iron Mike Ditka on NFL Flag-Sitters: ‘They’d Never Play Another Down for Me’

NFL legend “Iron” Mike Ditka, a former Chicago Bears and Dallas Cowboys tight end who led the Bears to a Super Bowl victory in 1985 as a coach and is a member of the NFL Hall of Fame, is taking a stance strongly against players who are disrespecting the American flag during the National Anthem.

Ditka told the Chicago Sun-Times this week that he wished players would “just play football” and stop protesting against America and the U.S. Constitution:

“Look. Whoever you think is right, is right.

“But I don’t believe you demonstrate against the American flag. I believe in the American flag. Or demonstrate against the Constitution. I believe in the Constitution. I’m old-fashioned. There are other ways to get your point across. But I don’t believe one should demonstrate against our country. Just play football.

“And that’s the way I feel. And now I’d like to go back to my card game.”

In a recent interview with Chicago radio station WLS-AM 890, Mike Ditka told hosts “John and Ray” that NFL players protesting during the National Anthem are “pathetic” and that anyone who sat or kneeled when he was a coach would “never play another down” for him.

Furthermore, Ditka said that he wasn’t going to be “politically correct” or “coddle to these fools” who are disrespecting the American flag:

“Oh sure, they could do anything they wanted to but they’d never play another down for me,” Ditka said, “Listen, if you don’t like this country, leave it. Really if you don’t respect it, if you don’t understand it, leave it. Where else are you going to get a job that pays the kind of money that these guys are makingPlaying pro football, playing a kids game, and they don’t want to abide by a couple things that honor their own country.”

Ditka went on to say,  “I think you know, if you want to be politically correct and coddle to these fools then you go ahead and do it.  I don’t do that. I’m sorry, I think it’s the most pathetic thing in the world and I think the people that support people like Kaepernick are really sick people, and they ought to take a trip somewhere else.”

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