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Indoctrination: Major University Teaches Only White People Can be Racist

(THE COLLEGE FIX) — A workshop held at Ohio State University on Tuesday taught white student attendees about their “privilege,” how to not act racist, and that it’s impossible for white people to be victims of racism and only white people can be racist.

The event, titled “Interrupting Racism: Tips & Tools for White People,” was one of the many programs the public university’s multicultural center will host as part of its “Ally Week of Action,” currently underway.

The center’s workshop aimed to teach white students how to “develop a personal plan of action to interrupt racism,” according to the university’s website. It added that all were welcome to the “Interrupting Racism” workshop, however its content had a “focus on skill building amongst white identified people.”

Approximately 20 students attended the workshop; 19 were white and one African American. A student reporter for The College Fix attended as well to better understand what it strived to impart.

During the workshop, students were taught there are three “ingredients” of racism: race, power and prejudice. According to Angie Wellman, associate director in the Student Life Multicultural Center who led the event, every race that is not white lacks the power aspect, which is why white people cannot be victims of racism.

The African American attendee also asked Wellman point-blank if white people were the only people who could be racist. Wellman said yes.

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