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HuffPo Reporter Accidentally Texts Tim Huelskamp a Crude Message; his Response? PRICELESS

Huffington Post reporter Matt Fuller probably wished he had paid better attention to the recipient selected for his crude birthday message. It seems he meant to send it to his cousin but he accidentally sent it to former Republican Congressman Tim Huelskamp, who represented the 1st congressional district in Kansas from 2011 until 2017.

To make this mishap even more strange, Fuller said he doesn’t have a cousin named Tim so he’s not sure how that happened..other than the fact that he was texting and driving. (I hope that’s not illegal in his city!)

Huelskamp did respond to Fuller making John Boehner the butt of his joke. Incidentally, Huelskamp believes, and rightly so, that he was the victim of retaliation for opposing Boehner in 2015. Huelskamp lost his re-election bid in after a campaign filled with dirty smears against him. His opponent framed the retaliatory removal of Huelskamp from the House Agriculture Committee as a “crime” committed by Huelskamp. Boehner celebrated with a glass of wine.

But, back to his response.

Fuller later tweeted that he had permission from Huelskamp to publish his texted response.


Former House Speaker John Boehner, who loathed conservatives like Huelskamp, was known for three things: his excessive, orange tan; smoking cigarettes, and drinking scotch, wine…or whatever had his fancy. That makes Huelskamp’s response absolutely perfect.

On a side note, Fuller commented on The Hill writing an article about the tweet detailing his text string with Huelskamp.

Of course, they did. Boehner’s contentious relationship with conservatives within the GOP, and his love fest with Democrats like Nancy Pelosi, coupled with his propensity for drinking makes that text absolute GOLD.

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