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Hollywood Harvey Weinstein’s Casting Couch: The Scandal that Isn’t

Ben Affleck yucking it up with his pal, Harvey Weinstein

Have you noticed it? An odd thing is going on within the Harvey Weinstein sexual scandal:  Hollywood isn’t exactly scandalized.

Nope, in fact, everyone from the Hollywood A-listers on down the alphabet aren’t scandalized in the least. Every day there’s a new voice or tweet added to the “Me Too” chorus of Weinstein accusers—well, that term is not entirely correct, is it? They’re not accusers so much as confirmers of his 30-year reign of sexual predation:

“Yep, he did it to me too.”

“Yep, I didn’t say anything until now.”

“Yep, even me, a guy.”

“Yep, I went to the police.”

“Yep, Harvey insinuated I should sleep with him to get the part.”

“Yep, everyone knew, but said nothing because we wanted to win an Oscar.”

“Yep, he was a creeper, but he was Harvey Effing Weinstein, he was our creeper.”

A scandal is an event that’s shocking, upsetting, or unacceptable. Hollywood is neither shocked by the accusations against Weinstein (it was an open secret), nor truly upset (they’re actors after all), nor do they find it unacceptable (it was just part of the Hollywood game; why else keep the secret so long?).

To be scandalized is to offend the moral sense of the person. We all know the Left is governed not by morals or a sense of right and wrong, but by their feelings and an arbitrary sense of injustice, therefore Hollywood isn’t particularly scandalized by one of their own being accused (multiple times over) of morally offensive behavior. Instead, they seem comfortable in their victimhood wearing it like a warm coat, so it makes you wonder why, why come forward now after nearly three decades?

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It’s no secret Hollywood is in bed with the Democrats in every sense of the phrase, but the lukewarm response–or slow response–from prominent Democrats is telling to say the least. What could be better for the Democrats than a juicy ready-made “scandal” involving victimhood, sex, money, and power? You can be sure, if Weinstein was a Republican, Hollywood and the media would be losing their collective minds over this “scandal.” Instead, they’re taking it in stride and embracing it with both arms.

Known facilitators of sexual predators like Hillary and Bill Clinton have responded in their usual agenda-driven PC-laden way. While others like Barack Obama remained uncharacteristically silent for many days into the “scandal.” Now he and his daughter claim to be “disgusted” by Weinstein. Funny they weren’t disgusted by him when Malia interned at Weinstein’s company nor when he donated to Obama’s (and many other Democrats’) political campaigns. If Weinstein’s behavior was such an “open secret,” you’d have to wonder how the Democrat elite, like the Clintons and the Obamas, who pride themselves on being in the know, did not know how “disgusting” Weinstein was over all those years.

Mark my words, the Left will use this scandal that isn’t a scandal to further their narrative of horrible, awful (white) men in power abusing young vulnerable women. It won’t matter one jot that the legend of the Casting Couch has existed since the beginning of the studio system or that men have also been abused. All that will matter is victimhood and the agenda.

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One thing is certain, when it comes down to it, the Left does not have the courage of their convictions. For years, they didn’t speak up, didn’t give voice to the voiceless or power to the powerless. What mattered was not morality or justice, but that next movie contract, the next paycheck, and the possibility of a golden statue called Oscar inscribed with their name on it.

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