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Historian Crushes the Anti-American Left’s War on History [VIDEO]

Rather than study history from twisted views of anti-American leftists like Howard Zinn, who have rewritten history in such a way as to turn Americans against their own country, hoping to eventually tear it down so that they can implement a communist takeover — the Left’s ultimate goal — respected historian, researcher and author David Barton gets his history straight from the source, directly from the original writings and documents of the Founding Fathers and those alive at the time.

Appearing on Louder with Crowder on CRTV with host Steven Crowder, David Barton, who also hosts the very informative Wallbuilders Live podcast, shed light on the progressive left’s war on history, their sudden desire to destroy America’s historic monuments, almost always using the excuse of slavery — a deceptive red herring.

Crushing political correctness and ripping the mask off of the Left’s true motives, Barton points out that leftists, including the Democrat Party, seems to have no problem with not only past but current slavery that exists in Islamic countries but they give the American founders no credit for putting forward a system with the vision of ending slavery.

Barton asks the $64,000 question, that since slavery still exists in Muslim countries, shouldn’t we be tearing down the mosques too?

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“We’re tearing down all these statues because they’re associated with slavery,” Barton began, referring to the Left’s sudden obsession with statue destruction. “Wait a minute, this entire religion [Islam] has been doing slavery since [the year] 600 or so. I mean, does that mean we tear down every mosque because today, they are still active in slavery in the Muslim world. The Muslim world is still active in slavery to this day right now,” he informed.

David Barton then ripped into another favorite target of the Left, author of the Declaration of Independence Thomas Jefferson, underscoring that in Virginia where Jefferson lived, it was illegal to free slaves, and emphasized that of the 56 signers of the Declaration of Independence, only 14 were pro-slavery.

“Three out of four started abolitionist societies, spoke against slavery, fought against it, led against it, but we get the exception, not the rule — that’s the way we teach history today,” Barton said. “If you want to be fair about history, say, ‘Okay, one-fourth of the Founding Fathers are pro-slavery — they came primarily out of Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina.’ Let’s go north, a whole different ball game.”

Barton stressed that there were several blacks elected to office in 1768 in New Hampshire, for example, and were re-elected for 49 years to different political positions and accentuated that there were a number of black heroes in the American Revolutionary War that have been all but whitewashed by the Left’s revisionist historians.

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“So we get this politically correct nonsense going, whether it’s on Islam or the Founding Fathers or slavery,” Barton stated. “By the way, every single statue that’s come down has been of a Democrat activist that was a racial bigot,” he said.

Continuing down the road of being completely politically incorrect, Barton told Steven Crowder that Thomas Jefferson tried to end slavery in Virginia but the measure was voted down, losing by just one vote.

“Jefferson said, ‘Oh, would to God that one heart would have changed, we could have ended slavery,'” Barton said, paraphrasing Thomas Jefferson, noting that for 60 years he was a major leader in the anti-slavery movement and that black civil rights leaders praised Jefferson for his efforts to end slavery, all the way up through MLK.

Barton also revealed that the narrative that Thomas Jefferson had sex and fathered a child with slave Sally Heming is an undocumented, unproven smear that was unproven by DNA or by science.

“Does anybody ever pay attention to the fact that they never use Jefferson’s DNA in that DNA test?” Barton asked rhetorically. “I mean, they did that in November of 1998 and Joseph Ellis announced that Jefferson slept with the slaves and the guy who did the DNA testing, Eugene Foster, we talked to him, we did the second DNA testing — they never used Jefferson’s DNA. He said, ‘I told them that! I told them it doesn’t prove that!'” Barton revealed.

“They how do they make the claim then?” Steven Crowder asked.

“What happened was that there were 26 Jefferson males in the area and they used one of Jefferson’s uncle’s and since way back then, we believed that it was Thomas Jefferson’s younger brother Randolph that did that,” Barton answered.

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“‘Yep, we got that DNA that connection, well that’s a Jefferson, that means it was Thomas,” Barton said, mockingly paraphrasing what leftist researchers were thinking as they decided to smear Thomas Jefferson in an attempt to tear down the reputation of one of America’s greatest founders.

“NO!” he shouted. “There were 26 Jefferson males living in Monticello! In fact, the first child from [Sally] Hemings was a guy named Thomas and the newspapers of the day, they said she named him Thomas because it was named after Thomas Jefferson. They checked the DNA — this was 1998 — the DNA they tested was of Thomas, the first son of Sally Hemings. There was no Jefferson DNA at all!” David Barton said passionately.

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