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LOL! Hillary Clinton Blames Criticism of Her Character on Misogyny and Sexism

(WASHINGTON EXAMINER) — Hillary Clinton’s forthcoming account of the 2016 presidential campaign contains a 64-page chapter called “Sisterhood,” 36 pages of which are expressly dedicated to her experiences as a woman in politics, according to a copy obtained by the Washington Examiner. In that subsection of the chapter, Clinton outlines how she believes sexism and misogyny hampered her bid for the presidency in 2016, arguing in part that questions surrounding her authenticity and trustworthiness were the result of those prejudices.

“…Even though this sounds like bragging and bragging isn’t something women are supposed to do,” Clinton writes, “I haven’t just been a participant in this revolution. I’ve helped lead it.”

As she’s claimed more than once in the months since her loss to Donald Trump, Clinton states clearly in “What Happened” her belief that “sexism and misogyny played a role in the 2016 presidential election,” but draws distinctions between both forces, asserting sexism is something “we can all buy into … from time to time” while misogyny is “something darker.”

“Both sexism and misogyny are endemic in America,” Clinton contends, pointing readers specifically to “look at the YouTube comments or Twitter replies when a woman dares to voice a political opinion or even just share an anecdote from her own lived experience,” as proof.

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