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HA! CNN’s Poppy Harlow: New York Times is ‘Unbiased, Down-the-Middle’

Is there anyone who doesn’t know the New York Times, a leading member of the Democrat Media Complex, is biased in favor of the political left? Isn’t this blatantly obvious? For the past eight years, the New York Times blew Obama kisses, taking him for his every word, providing cover for his anti-American tyranny and numerous scandals.

Like him or despise him, but when it comes to coverage of Donald Trump, the coverage by The Times is completely reversed. Everything he says is a lie and he seemingly can’t do anything right in their eyes. Plus, there’s a Russian around every corner but when Obama offered to provide Putin “flexibility” after the 2012 election, there was no problem with Russia.

In fact, the leftist media literally mocked 2012 Republican nominee Mitt Romney for saying that Russia was America’s number one geopolitical foe.

Yet on Thursday, CNN, itself labeled with the “fake news” moniker and struggling to shake charges of liberal bias, came to the defense of the New York Times.

In a discussion around President Trump’s strange attacks against his own Attorney General Jeff Sessions is an interview with the NYT, anchor Poppy Harlow contended that the Times is somehow “unbiased” and “down-the-middle” publication and she applauded the president for giving an interview to the Old Gray Lady.

No, really!

“It’s good he’s giving an interview to a down-the-middle, unbiased publication like the New York Times.” 

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We’re going to file this one under “fake news.” How she said this with a straight face — and how in the world the panel didn’t crack up at the statement — is beyond me.

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