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Why Did H.R. McMaster Allow Susan Rice to Retain Top Secret Security Clearance?

(WASHINGTON FREE BEACON) — The disclosure that White House National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster sought to preserve former Obama administration adviser Susan Rice’s top secret clearance has provided fresh grist for internal foes of McMaster’s to push for the general’s ouster from the Trump administration, according to multiple administration insiders who view the situation as the latest front in a long brewing civil war between divided factions inside the White House.

Documents disclosed Thursday by the news organization Circa show that more than a month after Rice was identified as unmasking classified information about Trump and his associates—damaging information that was later leaked to the press—McMaster wrote to Rice, telling her that he would ensure she retained her top secret security clearances.

This enabled Rice to continue accessing classified information from any secure site across the nation, according to multiple sources, though it remains unclear if Rice has availed herself of that access.

McMaster’s critics allege the general went behind the president’s back to assist the former Obama official in a charge that may further inflame a relationship between Trump and his national security adviser that is already perceived as strained.

The disclosure of McMaster’s letter to Rice, which was sent to her home at the end of April, is said to have infuriated some factions in the West Wing who already view the current national security adviser as a source of conflict and instability.

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