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Hey, GOP: Ignore the Red Herrings; Focus on the Democrat Chickens Coming Home To Roost

It’s past time for the Republicans to call a red herring a red herring. Today’s Democrat tactic is no different than that of the guilty sibling pointing to another sibling to accuse the other of what they themselves are guilty of so parents must investigate the other instead of punishing the pointer. Democrats are so blatant in their attempts to deceive that any thinking person should be asking the obvious question: What are Democrats covering up or hoping we’ll forget or overlook by distraction?

Many say Democrats are gunning to remove Trump from office. That would be the most effective distraction they could ever concoct to serve their agenda. Their bigger need for distraction is simply this: they thought they had the election sewn up so did not cover their tracks. Now, they’ve been removed from power with many damning trails leading to eight years of misdeeds left both clearly marked and awaiting discovery by anyone half interested in the truth.

There were many crimes perpetrated by the previous administration that were never investigated and for which no one was held accountable. Cases like Gibson Guitar being raided by Attorney General Holder, their servers seized, and their offices shuttered by the feds for a month for supporting the Republicans went largely unreported by a feckless national press. I believe that was simply a test by the Obama administration to see how much they could get away with and to measure the extent to which breaches of Constitutional rights might be ignored by the press.

They discovered the press was fully committed to ignoring Obama administration violations of rights. Gone was the Woodward and Bernstein dedication to dig for the truth. Investigative journalism was dead in the major news outlets.

Wake up, Republicans; the Russian election hacking is a red herring. (see Clinton’s Security Lapses below for reasons her emails became available by her own faults. Her own words and actions were her undoing.)

Republicans, ignore the red herring chatter. Do not participate in the discussion that has a lie as its foundation. Otherwise you become the innocent sibling who is pointed at and always gets punished for what they did not do. You allow the Democrats to waste your time and resources. Instead, turn the tables on them and borrow a line from Obama and Bill Clinton. “We’re too busy for that. Let us get back to solving the country’s problems.”

If they continue to push the issue, take control of the narrative. Tell the press, “Voters demanded that we get to the bottom of what happened in Benghazi that led to the loss of four Americans. We’re investigating the trail of evidence that leads to many major issues of potentially criminal and treasonous behavior implicating members of the government at many levels.” That will shut them up and change the narrative to what we should be focused on, discovering the width and breadth of corruption that affects our national security.

Why pick Benghazi?

The inaction during the attack and immediate, intentional cover-up that followed was designed to deceive the American public. That suggests there is so much more to Benghazi than meets the eye. By all accounts from people familiar with military operations, the attack involved advanced planning that suggests the attacking forces were not simply opportunists as the administration would led us to believe, but were instead implementing a planned attack that required lengthy preparation. Here are some questions I would like to know the answers to regarding Benghazi:

  • What did Ambassador Stevens know that the Obama administration didn’t want him to know?
  • Did Stevens have any disagreement with the Obama administration’s plans?
  • What was Ambassador Stevens involved in during his visit?
  • Why were Stevens’ multiple requests for improved security routinely ignored or denied by Sec. Clinton?
  • Why did it take 10 days for the FBI to arrive in Benghazi when CNN was there well before that?
  • Were there security breaches that provided intel to the attacking forces?
  • Was a private server in New York to blame, or was intel intentionally provided to promote a more nefarious goal of the Muslim Brotherhood-allied Obama administration?
  • What is on Anthony Weiner’s confiscated laptop that might shed light on the Benghazi raid and potentially treasonous actions of the previous administration?
  • Why did the Obama DOJ block the NYPD when they uncovered Weiner’s computer and sought arrest warrants? (This occurred in November 2016, and is a clear case of politically motivated obstruction of justice and questionable timing given Weiner is married to Clinton’s top aide and vice chair of the Clinton Campaign, Huma Abedin.)

After focusing on Benghazi, there are a few others areas to investigate:

  • The IRS harassment scandal.
  • The Attorney General’s illegal, unconstitutional attack of Gibson Guitar
  • The tarmac meeting of Bill Clinton and the AG Loretta Lynch while Hillary was under investigation by the AG’s office. That was clearly a conflict of interest that should have prompted an independent counsel investigation and obstruction of justice charges.
  • Sec. Clinton’s deal with Russia that gave them access to U.S. uranium
  • The pay-for-play deals of the Clinton Foundation and use of State Department resources for fundraising for this organization.
  • The Clinton Foundation’s embezzlement aid money intended to aid Haitians in the wake of an earthquake and then the subsequent hurricane.
  • The 5-for-1 swap of Taliban soldiers for traitor Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl
  • The Iran deal
  • Obama’s open-mic slip that he’d have more flexibility after the election (2012) when speaking to outgoing Russian President Medvedev. (Ukraine was invaded with no U.S. resistance to the Russian attack in 2014.)
  • The $221 Million aid package sent to the Palestinian Authority in the last hours of Obama’s presidency.
  • AG Holder’s involvement in Fast and Furious, obstructing the investigation, and his contempt of Congress’s requests for documents in 2012 (an election year). He complied in 2014 (politically motivated timing, perhaps?).

Considering some of these issues occurred on Comey’s watch, is there anyone who thinks he should still have his job?

If that does not smack of partisanship, I don’t know what does. Comey kept Hillary out of prison with his “nothing-to-see-here” pass, and to thank him, she’s blamed him for her defeat and suggested she was a victim of sexism.

So let’s look at Hillary Clinton’s Security Lapses that were her own undoing:

  1. Clinton intentionally set-up a private server for her State Department business. This violates all logic, all government security protocols, and law. No excuse dismisses the simple fact that she intentionally subverted security protocol. That violates security protocol and the Espionage Act, 18 U.S. Code § 793 (f). As soon as the material is received on her private server, it is, by definition, outside the “proper place of custody” and is a violation of that law. Furthermore, transfers to Huma Abedin, if they occurred, and to Weiner’s computer, are further violations. This section of the code does not require ANY test for intent – it’s cut and dry: information entrusted to you that is taken outside its “proper place of custody”constitutes a violation.
  2. Clinton’s top aide, Huma Abedin is the wife of Anthony Weiner, a serial philanderer and easy target for any blackmailer. She had access to tens of thousands of the State Department emails (on her personal computer, a violation of law) that she backed up on her husband’s personal computer. To complicate the security issue, Abedin and Weiner are going through a divorce.
  3. John Podesta, former Counselor to the President (2014-2015) and chairman of Clinton’s Presidential Campaign lost his cellphone. The loss gave the world access to his email, which WikiLeaks published. Those emails demonstrated the Democrat Party colluded to steal the nomination from Bernie Sanders to give it to Hillary Clinton. (Where was the press investigated this primary election fraud? Or Mr. Comey? If Democrats cheated in the primaries, why wouldn’t they cheat in the general election?)

The Obama administration’s eight years left a wealth of corruption that must be investigated on behalf of all Americans. Republicans can’t ignore these issues for fear Democrats will scream foul when evidence mounts against them. Attorney General Sessions has a mess to clean up. Republicans need stiff resolve to maintain and restore law and order and the issues available to investigate are broader and run deeper than Watergate.

If those responsible are not brought to justice, we leave a criminal class in place in the bureaucracy and government – a cancer that will continue to metastasize. Independent counsel is not needed; we don’t need a Ken Starr-like distraction. AG Sessions is more than capable, and Republicans won the right to govern.

It’s time to restore rule of law.

About the Author

Kevin Myers
Kevin Myers holds a Bachelor of Science in Political Science from Texas A&M University and is a life-long Conservative making his home in Texas. @MyersKevinA

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