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Google Pounded With Brilliant Mockery; And It’s Hitting Close to Home

Google, under the dark cloud bigotry after firing a programmer who dared to believe in the undeniable science and biology that women are different to men, the leftist tech empire is getting pummeled by the brilliant and talented street artist Sabo, with posters brutally mocking the company for the fascism-inspired firing.

Former Google programmer James Damore was fired this week for having the audacity to point out the biological differences between men and women in an epic 11-page intra-company memo that was subsequently leaked to the press by a fellow Googler. In the now famous memo, Damore suggests that biological differences may play a roll in women not being as attracted to the tech field as men are (overall) and that may be one of the reasons why the company is struggling to recruit female programmers.  It was a thoughtful, respectful report but nevertheless, it challenged Google as an “ideological echo chamber” for their intolerance to accept any views that oppose their progressive leftist ideology.

Enter “Sabo,” who took to the area surrounding the Google offices to pound the tech giant for its closed-mindedness and intolerance with posters comparing Apple’s motto under c0-founder Steve Jobs, “Think different,” next to a photo of Google CEO Sundar Pichai, answering the Apple motto with the caption, “Not So Much.

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The mockery is astoundedly spot on and was flying around social media on Friday:

On Wednesday, James Demore told Toronto professor Dr. Jordan B. Peterson that Google had held ultra top-secret meetings called “Diversity Summits” that pushed the diversity envelope so far that the policies pushed were racist and potentially illegal as well.

“About a month and a half ago, I went to one of our diversity summits — all of it unrecorded and super-secret. And they told me a lot of things that I thought were just not right,” Damore revealed.

“What do you mean, ‘unrecorded and super-secret?’” a surprised Dr. Peterson asked.

“They were telling us about a lot of these potentially illegal practices that they’ve been doing to try to increase diversity,” Damore replied.

“What kind of practices?” Peterson asked.

“Well, basically treating people differently based on what their race or gender are,” he answered.

“Oh, you mean racism,” Peterson jumped in.

“Yeah, basically,” Damore agreed.

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Damore explained that most meetings at Google are recorded so that anyone at Google can come watch — “trying to be really open about everything except this [the diversity meetings]. They don’t want any paper trail for any of these things.”

“Why?” Peterson bluntly probed.

“Because I think it’s illegal,” the former Googler answered. “I mean, as some of the internal polls showed, there were a large percent of people that agreed with me on the document. And so if everyone got to see this stuff, then you know they would really bring up some criticism.”

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