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Former Puerto Rico AG Says Democrat Luis Gutierrez Told San Juan Mayor to Slam Trump [VIDEO]

San Juan Puerto Rico Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz, Congressman Luis Gutierrez (Commie - IL)

“The Mayor of San Juan is a Political Hack,” Says former Puerto Rico AG Jose Fuentes

Jose Fuentes, the former Attorney General of Puerto Rico, weighed in on the going feud between President Trump and San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz on Sunday, calling out the mayor as a “political hack.”

In a heated exchange with angry Democrat operative Maria Cardona on CNN Sunday, Fuentes pointed out that Fuentes was praising the Trump administration’s Hurricane Maria relief efforts just days ago but had a change of heart after meeting with leftist Democrat Congressman [score]Luis Gutierrez[/score] (Commie – IL), who convinced her that if she really wanted to be the next governor or Puerto Rico, she’d better get busy Trump-bashing.

“The mayor of San Juan is a political hack,” Fuentes said on CNN’s “New Day.” “She is singing the praises of the president until her political adviser, [Rep.] Luis Gutiérrez from Chicago, got there and brought her the t-shirts and said, ‘Hey you want to run for governor, if she wants to run,” he continued until the anchor cut him off, citing audio technical difficulties.

Carmen Yulín Cruz was seen in CNN interviews with Anderson Cooper wearing a t-shirt bearing the professionally-printed message “HELP US, WE ARE DYING,” left many wondering how she was able to obtain such a custom-designed shirt when all of the electricity was supposedly out at the time and the area was almost completely under water.

Now we may know just how she got the t-shirt.


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