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The Florida Mass Murder is the Typical Leftist Exploitation of Never Letting a Crisis Go to Waste

Democrats Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer

When I first heard about the terrible Florida school shooting, I knew that the American left (Democrats, fake news, and Hollywood) would shamefully exploit the victims the way they always do.  The leftists’ manual, Rules for Radicals, says, “In the arena of action a threat or a crisis becomes almost a precondition to communication.”  In other words, “Never let a crisis go to waste.”  Always exploit the victim’s pain and suffering to further the leftist agenda.  We’ve seen leftists repeatedly use this insidious, heartless tactic.

Every time a tragic incident happens, cold, calculating leftist operatives run to the victims with open arms, pretending to have their best interests at heart, vowing to fix the problem.  But rather than seek real commonsense solutions, leftists use victims as cover to further their extreme agenda and attack people they hate: Christians, gun-owners, the NRA, conservatives, Republicans, achievers, non-victim-minded minorities, and straight white men.  The same way Muslim terrorists attack using women and children as shields, leftists attack their enemies from behind victims.  It is disgusting and evil.

Remember the crazy white guy who shot up the Charleston black church?  Leftists worked Americans into a frenzy, using the black victims to ban Confederate flags, demand the removal of historic monuments, and blame gun-owners and white Americans.  The shooter never referenced flags or monuments.  It did not matter.  Leftists exploited the victims to enact racial revenge against Southerners and bash America.

When the Islamic terrorist massacred homosexuals in an Orlando nightclub, leftists worked Americans into a frenzy.  Leftists used the dead homosexuals to attack Christians, anyone not in favor of redefining marriage, the NRA, conservatives, Republicans, and gun-owners.  None of these had anything to do with the massacre.  Leftists practically ignored the actual shooter.

Black repeat criminal Michael Brown assaulted a clerk while robbing a convenience store.  Brown was shot resisting arrest, wrestling a police officer for his gun.  Leftists promoted the lie that Brown was murdered by a cop while surrendering with his hands up.  The left’s “hands up, don’t shoot” lie led to cops being ambushed and assassinated and Obama usurping control of police departments across America.  See how leftists exploit every incident?  How does one cop defending himself lead to Obama taking control of police departments across America?

Meanwhile, blacks murdering each other in record numbers in cities controlled by Democrats gets a yawn from leftists.  We the People don’t matter to leftists, only furthering their agenda and punishing their enemies.

In the recent Florida shooting, we have a disturbed young man whom the FBI knew about.  The cops came to his home 39 times.  Like most youths, the shooter posted his craziness online.  And yet nothing was done to stop him.

Leftists are hiding behind and exploiting the traumatized students.  Leftists are lecturing everyone about not politicizing the shooting while they have the students parroting Democrat talking points.

Insidiously, leftists shifted blame from the actual shooter to Republicans, Trump, the NRA, and law-abiding gun owners.  We’ve seen this scene in western movies.  Loudmouth leftists stand on the jailhouse steps, working the town folks into an angry mob.  Innocent Republicans, Trump, the NRA, and gun-owners who had nothing to do with the shooting are locked up inside the jailhouse.  A leftist community organizer screams, “Let’s drag those no-count varmints into the public square and high-tech lynch ’em!”

Neither Republicans, Trump, the NRA, nor gun owners had anything to do with the Florida school shooting.  Therefore, getting rid of them will not prevent the next shooting.  Leftists will accuse anyone stating this obvious truth of not caring about the students.

People are offering commonsense real solutions like hiring security or allowing teachers to carry.  Leftists don’t care about real solutions to protect our kids.  Leftists care only about using the students as pawns to attack their political enemies.  I’m talkin’ pure evil, folks.

Leftists always try to make us throw our brains out the window and submit to their emotion-driven idiocy, always shrouded in bogus compassion.  Ultimately, leftists want the government to confiscate all guns.  If that happens, we will be at the mercy of armed bad guys.  Why?  Because criminals do not obey gun laws.

Why do leftists reject evidence confirming that crime is lower and people are safer wherever citizens are armed?  Bad guys are typically cowards and opportunists.

Democrat politicians, fake news media, and Hollywood elites are obsessed with the government taking our guns while surrounding themselves with heavily armed security and even secretly carrying guns.  Leftists lobby government to place rules on us that do not apply to them.

Our hearts and prayers go out to victims of the Florida shooting.  It is truly shameful watching leftists behaving like ambulance-chasers, rushing to every incident to throw Americans’ pain, suffering, and lives on the altar in worship to their false god of liberalism.

About the Author

Lloyd Marcus
The UK Guardian proclaims Lloyd Marcus the Tea Party Movement's most prominent African American. Marcus is both loved and hated for his declaration, “I am NOT an African-American! I am Lloyd Marcus AMERICAN!!!” An internationally renowned prolific writer, speaker, singer/songwriter and entertainer, Marcus is seen on Fox News, CNN and more. His articles are published on numerous prestigious websites. With 9 national bus tours on Tea Party Express, Marcus has performed his original song, “American Tea Party Anthem” at over 400 tea parties. Marcus is author of “Confessions of a Black Conservative: How the Left has shattered the dreams of Martin Luther King, Jr. and Black America”; foreword by Michelle Malkin. A gifted unifier, Marcus rallied conservative musicians to participate in a historic recording session. They recorded his song, “Taking Back America” featured on Marcus' “Tea Are The World” project. “Tea Are The World” also includes 44 songs recorded by conservative bands and recording artists across America. All proceeds from “Tea Are The World” benefit, Marcus is Chairman of Conservative Campaign Committee PAC whose mission is to elect conservative candidates across America.
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