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FLASHBACK: Robert Gates Pledged Loyalty to Obama — No Controversy Followed [VIDEO]

There’s plenty of faux outrage from the Democrat Media Complex over fired FBI Director James Comey’s prepared testimony, which he’ll give on Thursday but was leaked to the press on Wednesday, that President Trump asked him to be loyal.

“I need loyalty, I expect loyalty,” Trump supposedly told Comey according to his leaked prepared testimony, which could mean many things. It could mean loyalty to him or the country — or it could just mean loyalty from the standpoint Trump wanted assurance that Comey wouldn’t try to subvert his administration.

That doesn’t seem too unseemly for someone who is the Chief Executive talking to someone who is employed in the executive branch of government, especially when the left’s “Resistance” Commies are threatening a coup and entrenched deep state Obama operatives are more than happy to assist. Perhaps he was digging to see if he felt Comey would be one of the notorious leakers.

Nevertheless, you would think Trump was guilty of treason as measured by the reaction of unhinged progressive leftists — not just politicians but from those in the Democrat Media Complex.

But there’s just one problem for the Left, and as usual, it centers around hypocrisy. You would think that CNN, with all their vast resources, would be smart enough to do a basic search to see if Obama ever asked for a loyalty pledge.

You see, Obama requested a pledge of loyalty from former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates, as Gates himself openly expressed to Face the Nation host John Dickerson on May 14, 2017 (see video below):

JOHN DICKERSON: In the reporting about the F.B.I. director, there was a report that the president asked him for his loyalty. Help people understand the line between duty, loyalty, and personal conscience.

SEC. ROBERT GATES: I think in the context of senior government positions, I think an anecdote of what I told President-Elect Obama when we had our first meeting. And I said, “You don’t know me. Can you trust me? Why do you think you can trust me?” and so on. But at the end, I said, “You can count on me to be loyal to you. I will not leak. I will keep my disagreements with you private. And if I cannot be loyal, I’ll leave.” 

Loyalty means doing what you think is in the best interest of that person as well as the country.

Notice the outrage on John Dickerson’s face? I didn’t either. This is from just in May of this year, so why no outrage from Democrats about loyalty pledges being worse than Hitler. Shoot, there wasn’t any criticism that I remember from Republicans about Gates’ revelation. You know why? Because both are NOTHINGBURGERS! Of course, any president is going to make sure that those working in his administration are loyal to him.

h/t:  Ace of Spades

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