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Ted Cruz Blasts ‘So-Called Elder Statesman Moderates’ Feuding With Trump: ‘Shut Up and Do Your Job’ [AUDIO]

Ted Cruz, Jeff Flake, Bob Corker, John McCain

“All of the people who have piously intoned on television for a decade they know how to govern — they’re the ones mucking it up.”

Texas Senator and former presidential candidate [score]Ted Cruz[/score] took a shot at the Mitch McConnell-led U.S. Senate and the “so-called elder statesman moderates” who have been feuding with President Trump, telling them to “shut up” and to do their jobs.

A clearly frustrated Senator Cruz told Dallas-based conservative talk show host Mark Davis on Wednesday that he’s tired of the endless bickering, especially since the GOP-controlled Senate has failed to keep its promised to repeal Obamacare and other key pieces of the agenda people voted for in the last election.

“My view is simple,” Cruz told Davis in response to a question about the feud between President Trump and GOP establishment-backed senators [score]Bob Corker[/score], [score]John McCain[/score] and [score]Jeff Flake[/score]. “I don’t care about the political circus about who’s throwing rocks at whom. We’ve got a job to do.  We’ve got a job to do because we’ve got a unique opportunity,” he said because of the rare situation in Washington, DC, where Republicans hold all levers of power.

“We need to deliver!” he said emphatically. “Texans are frustrated, Americans are frustrated [at] why the hell isn’t this Republican Congress that we elected standing up and doing what they promised they would do. So all of this bickering and sideshow I think is exactly that — it’s a sideshow. We need to focus on passing major tax cuts, repealing Obamacare, bringing back jobs, delivering on our promises.”

The Texas Senator said that with the “swarms of reporters” constantly swirling around, “it’s like you’re back in junior high — I don’t really care who passed a note to the cute girls in pigtails.

“We’ve got a job to do damn it and so all of this nonsense — I’ve got nothing to say on it — everyone shut up and do your job is my view.” 

Cruz said that it was not conservatives in the Senate “mucking” things up but those in GOP leadership the “so-called elder statesman moderates,” many of the same people who have recently been complaining against Trump’s decorum.

Ted Cruz said that he and other conservatives are working tirelessly to pass the Trump agenda but “all of the people who have piously intoned on television for a decade they know how to govern — they’re the ones mucking it up,” a shot that clearly sounds like it is directed at [score]Mitch McConnell [/score]and [score]John McCain[/score] who have been at war with the Tea Party conservative wing of the GOP for the past several years.

“Alright big boys, we got a majority and you know who it is who is screwing up governing? It’s the so-called elder statesman moderates,” Cruz said to GOP leadership.

Listen to the two brief clips below, courtesy of the Mark Davis Show:

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