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FLASHBACK: Bill Clinton White House: ‘On-Camera Briefings Not Necessary’

When the Trump White House announced that it would not being doing daily press briefings on camera, but instead have press gaggles that are on-the record but sound only, the media had a fit.

According to White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer, productivity of the briefings was being compromised because too many White House correspondents were yucking it up for the cameras to become YouTube stars. If you’ve ever watched CNN’s Jim Acosta, ABC’s Jonathan Karl, or American Urban Networks’ April Ryan in action, then you’d understand that Spicer has  point.

The Democrat Media Complex, especially the fake newsers at CNN and the conspiracy theorists at MSNBC, have expressed outrage at the non-televised press briefings completely ignoring the fact that Donald Trump isn’t the first president to severely dial back live press briefings.

In 1993, President Bill “Slick Willy” Clinton completely ended live press briefings. Beyond that, he also shut down access of the press to his communications director, George Stephanopoulos. (Yes, that George Stephanopoulos, current chief anchor and political correspondent for ABC News.)

But, you wouldn’t know that listening to today’s media, including the con artists at CNN who were recently exposed as liars who are pushing the Trump/Russia collusion narrative for solely for ratings with no evidence of truthfulness.

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Shortly after Bill Clinton assumed office, his administration stopped live press briefings because they didn’t believe they were “really necessary.”

In 1993 on C-SPAN, then White House Press Secretary Dee Dee Myers explained that the Clinton White House did not view live press briefings as really necessary.

“I think that that was something that we did in the first week or two, I can’t remember exactly when we stopped it.”

“It was a new administration, I think we wanted to talk about what was going on here. I think we found that it wasn’t really necessary.”

Interestingly, Myers’ explanation of why they stopped live press briefings was similar to what Spicer has said. They were not productive.

“The briefing is more an opportunity to exchange ideas and to have a conversation about what’s happening. That wasn’t really happening in a way that … as productively as we had hoped.”

Eventually, serial philanderer Bill Clinton’s White House decided to give reporters a carrot by televising the first five minutes of Stephanopoulos’s 12:30 press briefings. How generous.

“What we do now is televise the first five minutes of George Stephanopoulos’s briefings at 12:30 everyday. And the rest of it’s on the record but just not for cameras.”


Has George Stephanopoulos defended the Trump adminstrations’ off-camera but on-the-record press gaggles by reminding the country that his boss Bill “Slick Willy” Clinton did the exact same thing, actually worse? Not likely.

After all, Democrats are notorious for rewriting history and projecting their guilt upon others they wish to smear.

WATCH Bill Clinton’s Press Secretary Dee Dee Myers state that live press briefings aren’t necessary…so they canceled them.

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