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The Fight for $15 Crowd Just Learned Another Hard Lesson on Economic Reality

You’ve heard the chants.

“Fight for $15.”

“Living Wage!”

“Corporate greed!”

All those are loudly yelled talking points meant to demonize those who have taken a risk to grow their business. Whether it be a self-conceived business or a franchise, every business owner has risked their money and significant time in their lives by taking the chance to build a future for themselves and help those they employ.

Listening to the left, every growing to be a voice of Marxism and division, those who shed their blood, sweat, and tears should not make any more than those who they hired who risked nothing. We are supposed to blur the lines between the two in order to buy into their class warfare B.S.

The reality is, the push for a $15 minimum wage is being done by economic illiterates who must have taken an accelerated course in Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals.” In Seattle, which implemented a gradual increase to $15 minimum wage led by admitted socialist city council member Kshama Sawant, a new study partially funded by the city and done by economists at the University of Washington found that the increase in minimum wage has led to a loss of wages and a loss of jobs.

On Thursday, workers in Seattle who have lost their jobs thanks to the #FightFor15 increased minimum wage campaign found out they are not alone as a restaurant in Chandler, Arizona, outside of Phoenix, announced they are closing their door thanks to the minimum wage increased implemented in Arizona, supposedly a red state.

Corporate headquarters claim that the closure is not due to the minimum wage increase but on low performance of the restaurant. But, anyone with a brain cell could deduce that even if a restaurant is underperforming and at risk for closure, rising costs of labor would negatively affect it.

What do you think about the push for a minimum wage increase? Should unskilled workers be given $15 an hour to flip burgers or fry wings? And should the randomly-selected number be forced upon businesses who are forced to decrease their minimum wage to zero when they go out of business?

About the Author

Jennifer Burke
Jennifer is a Co-Founder of PolitiStick and the Editor-in-Chief. She is a graduate of Texas A&M University and a certified teacher with 12 years experience in the classroom. Jennifer attended what is credited for being the first modern-day Tea Party rally in the country in the Seattle area and from there emerged as a powerful speaker and writer within the movement. While still in Washington State, Jennifer was selected to be a member of the second graduating class of the Jennifer Dunn Leadership Institute (JDLI), a program which identified future conservative leaders. Jennifer worked as the National Outreach Director for one of the largest conservative groups in the country and served as Managing Editor and writer for what quickly grew to become one of the top 15 conservative sites in the country. She brings to Politistick a passion for the fight for freedom for current and future generations.
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