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Establishment RINO Lamar Alexander: I Voted for Amnesty Once and I’d Do It Again

Senator [score]Lamar Alexander[/score] (RINO-TN), said this week that he regretted that amnesty for illegal aliens — marketed as “comprehensive immigration reform” in 2013 by the establishment in both political parties — didn’t pass.

Lamar Alexander, 77, a career politician who has an “F” Liberty Score of 17% (out of a possible 100%) at Conservative Review, meaning that he votes with liberal Democrats a whopping 83% of the time — all while masquerading as a Republican — told CNBC on Monday that if he had the opportunity to vote for amnesty again, as he did in 2013 as a member of the “Gang of 8,” he would definitely do it again.

Here’s how the exchange went with CNBC’s John Harwood:

Lamar Alexander: We need a legal immigration system, and we need to put that behind us. We tried to do it in 2013; I voted for it. It would’ve solved many of the problems.

John Harwood: Would you vote for it again?

Alexander: I would vote for it again. But it needs the president to say, “Let’s solve all these problems now.” Let’s solve border security; let’s solve the problem of legal status. Let’s deal with these children who were brought here, who didn’t know they were being brought here at the time. Let’s make this a country of laws. Let’s have a legal immigration system, not a perpetual argument about who’s legal and who’s not.

So the immigration we have now is somehow not a “legal immigration” system, in Lamar Alexander’s mind? What a complete bastardization of the English language.

So now “amnesty for illegals” is redefined as a “legal immigration system?” George Orwell eat your heart out! Even the Clintons can’t spin like this.

We have a “legal” immigration system now, Lamar. The problem is that bought and paid for K-Street whores like you, who put foreigner’s interests above those of the American citizen.

The problem hasn’t been the immigration system, but those in government who refuse to enforce it, which is a major reason why we have President Donald Trump and a reason why open-border GOP establishment RINOs like [score]Jeff Flake[/score] and [score]Bob Corker[/score] are not seeking re-election.

h/t:  Breitbart News

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