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Eric Bolling Shouts Down ‘FOX Specialists’ Panel Over Trump Criticism: ‘What in the Hell Do You Guys Want?’

Don’t criticize President Donald Trump if you’re around Eric Bolling or you’re likely to get your head bitten off. At least that’s the way it seemed on Thursday (and every other day) during the FOX News airing of The FOX News Specialists.

Flanked by co-hosts Eboni K. Williams, Kat Timpf and two guests, Kirsten Haglund (a conservative and former Miss America), and comedian Joe Devito, a lefty, Bolling went on a tirade when the other panelists wouldn’t agree with him that publicly flogging his own attorney general, Jeff Sessions, who he appointed and could fire at any time for any reason — or no reason at all — was an exceptional idea, especially since Sessions was the first U.S. Senator to endorse him when no one else in Washington, D.C. would.

It seems that what triggered Bolling’s anger the most was when Haglund took issue with President Trump “doing whatever he wants without sticking to an ideological core,” making the case that if there are no core values then there’s no use of having political parties.

Bolling then went on his angry rant, flailing his arms while rattling off that the stock market is at all-time highs and claiming that employment, as measured by the number of American working, is also at an all-time high. Oh, and Trump won the election by the way.

If he were a few inches closer to Kat Timpf, he would have karate-chopped her.

“What in the hell do you guys want?” Bolling shouted. “What else do you want?”

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After a heated exchange with DeVito that went nowhere, Bolling, sounding like he was beginning to lose his voice, argued that no one should be talking about the president attacking his own attorney general on Twitter or anything else except how wonderful things are.

Timpf, however, said that President Trump “is the one making us talk about Jeff Sessions” and said sarcastically — an understatement — that it’s a “little strange to have a president Twitter-troll his AG and if something strange happens, we’re going to talk about it.”

Bolling wouldn’t have any of that talk and kept interrupting his co-host so much that she had to urge him to stop interrupting her.

Timpf pointed out that she’s not even a fan of Sessions (she runs more Libertarian, fyi) but that she’s praised Trump for tearing down regulations that help the economy, etc.

But that didn’t seem enough for Bolling who wants complete and total worship of Trump, who he thinks is somehow beyond criticism like he’s a king or something.

I don’t get it.

WATCH the hot mess below:

CORRECTION: When this story was originally published, we inadvertently referred to this airing on “The Five,” where Eric Bolling was a former co-host. We have corrected the error.

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