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Dave Brat Accuses Senator of Seeing So Much Russian Smoke, It’s ‘Like a Cheech and Chong Movie’

Congressman [score]Dave Brat[/score] (Badass – VA), a member of the House Freedom Caucus — the same Dave Brat who historically defeated RINO Eric Cantor, formerly the second most powerful “Republican” in Congress, appeared on CNN with anchor Pamela Brown on Friday to discuss Russian “collusion” in the election, as well as the Republican efforts to rewrite Obamacare.

In addition to educating Brown on “Econ 101” in regards to healthcare, Rep. Brat levied a hilarious charge at Virginia Senator [score]Mark Warner[/score], who he accused of seeing so much smoke in the Russia election meddling story that it’s “like he’s in a Cheech and Chong movie” and also blasted another Virginia Senator and former Hillary Clinton running mate, [score]Tim Kaine[/score], who suggested Donald Trump, Jr.’s meeting with a Russian attorney was somehow approaching “treason.”

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But before delivering that epic troll — mockery at its finest — Congressman Brat separated the political nonsense with the legal problems — if any — urging that if Democrats can’t name a law that was broken that they’re just playing politics (blowing smoke?):

I heard the last segment, the bank robbery analogy and someone drives a getaway car they’re guilty. And so – I mean, I’m an economist, not a lawyer. But what you got to do is just name the statute that’s been violated. We’re a nation under laws, not of men. And so, if there’s proof that a statute’s been violated, then there’s an issue. 

“I there’s not…I think a couple issues have gotten conflated. There’s been Russia messing around in our elections. I don’t think anybody’s denying that. Obama knew about that a full year ago and didn’t do much on it. And now that’s still in play. And we have Mueller investigating that. Then the other issue is the Democrats are upset that President Trump won the election. And so they’ve been saying impeach, impeach since day one. That’s obviously more political. 

So you’ve got to separate out the political. We have a probe going forward on the Russia piece. On the political piece, if you find a statute that’s been violated, then you got it. But, you know, my senators in Virginia are getting, you know, apoplectic. Mark Warner’s seeing smoke everywhere he goes like he’s in a “Cheech & Chong” movie. And [Senator Tim] Kaine now thinks the son is worse than Benedict Arnold. I mean it’s – we’ve gotten a little hysterical and we should just get grounded and we’re – remember we’re a country under the law.”

We can only imagine Senator Mark Warner’s reaction. It possibly could have looked like this:

Senator Mark Warner (Commie – VA)

Watch below as Dave Brat somehow manages to keep a straight face and the fact that Pamela Brown didn’t at bare minimum giggle, shows what a sourpuss she must be.

Dave Brat was just getting warmed up, scroll down for more: 


Rep. Brat was just getting warmed up, accusing CNN of collusion with the DCCC, the Democrat Congressional Campaign Committee during the 2016 elections:

CNN’s PAMELA BROWN: “But then you have people like Charles Krauthammer who come out and say, look, that this – this is, you know, this is collusion and maybe awkward collusion, amateur collusion, and he’s referring to this meeting between the president’s son and his son-in-law and this Russian attorney. Uh, so for some it seems this – this seems to be sort of more of a turning point. Do you think Republicans on Capitol Hill should be more outspoken about this?”

CONGRESSMAN DAVE BRAT: “Well, I mean, there’s collusion everywhere. But the question is whether a statute’s been violated. There’s collusion between CNN and the DCCC and “The Washington Post” and I don’t complain about that — it’s not illegal. I think it’s unethical, but it’s not illegal. And so we all wish the politics would fade away. And so collusion – I mean that’s not in the statute book.”

Dave Brat was STILL just getting warmed up, scroll down for more: 


Oh, you thought Brat was done. No sirree! He went on to explain “Econ 101” in regards to healthcare in this country and how employer-paid health insurance premiums after World War II (note: wage and price controls prohibited employers from increasing wages, so they began offering benefits like health insurance instead, creating a middleman situation and distorted the markets) were the beginning of the problem.

Brat simplified his explanation for Pamela Brown, but she still declared the matter “complicated.” Here’s how it went:

BROWN: “What is the impact on your party if you can’t get this done [repealing Obamacare]?”

BRAT: “Oh, it’s huge. I mean and that’s not as huge as failing on tax reform, but it’s huge. We voted 50 times to repeal. The Freedom Caucus put in a bill with Senator [score]Rand Paul[/score] and then on our side [score]Mark Sanford[/score] to repeal fully. And the goal has always been to bring the price down.

Obamacare’s in the ditch right now because it focused almost solely on coverage, right? So everyone’s covered but they can’t use their coverage because they can’t afford the deductible and the prices are going up 25 percent. And under the Republican bills, the prices keep going up, too.

And so everyone longs for the day when they could just go out and a young person could go buy a standard insurance policy out of college without going bankrupt. And so we’ve got to focus more on the price piece.

And the Democrats have good input, right? Pharmaceutical prices are through the roof. There’s good input. They can give in on this process. We can all work together on it. But the goal has to be to get the price down. I taught economics for 20 years.

And this all started after World War II with the employer-provided piece and that incentivized overconsumption of health care. And that’s in Econ 101 books across the nation. And it’s not partisan. It wasn’t a partisan deal. We’re overconsuming health care and now we have a crisis and it’s linked to every other issue.

Medicare and Social Security are insolvent in 2034. We have $100 trillion in unfunded liabilities. And those are the pieces that are bumping up against our tax reform piece. That’s the holy grail. That’s the piece – if we fail to get the rates down for corporations and individuals and put money back in their pocket and get their kids back in some jobs out of high school and college — the American people are rightly cranky right now. Wages have been flat for 40 years because productivity’s been flat.

So, how do you fix productivity? And no one appears to know the answer. I mean it’s fairly stunning. You have to incentivize business to be more productive. There’s only one way to do that. And so that – that, to me, is the most important piece. But we have a logjam with this health care piece and then raising the debt ceiling and those pieces are getting in the way of doing tax reform. And that’s the home run.”

BROWN: “All right. It’s all sort of complicated there.”

Pamela Brown, judging by her reaction, clearly didn’t understand a thing Dave Brat just said, which is part of the problem — among many — with today’s media. They do not understand basic economics and don’t even try to. Therefore, issue after issue gets misreported because they think money grows on trees.



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