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Elizabeth Warren Challenger Shiva Ayyadurai: ‘It Takes a REAL Indian to Defeat a FAKE One’ [VIDEO]

Shiva Ayyadurai, an Indian-American entrepreneur who is credited with inventing email, is running for the Republican Senate nomination in 2018 against Marxist Democrat Senator [score]Elizabeth Warren[/score]who is famous for pretending to be a Native American and used the status repeatedly via racial quotas to advance her career before duping Massachusetts voters into electing her in 2012.

In an interview with Fox Business’s Stuart Varney on Wednesday, Ayyadurai repeatedly pummeled Elizabeth Warren (Commie – MA) with charges that she’s a “self-serving elitist” whose fooling the masses into thinking that she knows how to run their lives better than they do and to use big government to do it, which of course, puts people like her in power pulling the strings.

“If you think about it, Massachusetts is really the center — in many ways, the belly of the beast — where the academic elites exist,” Ayyadurai told Varney. “They think they know better. And where the reality is, most of these elites know very little. They haven’t had to start businesses, create jobs, and I think it’s time that we get rid of these lawyer-lobbyists. That’s what Elizabeth Warren represents,” he asserted.

An interesting side note, Shiva Ayyadurai graduated from high school at age 14, has four degrees from MIT and is married to actress Fran Drescher.

“Well, I think only a real Indian can defeat the fake Indian,” Ayyadurai told Varney as everyone on set burst out in laughter. “I sent her a DNA test for her birthday and I was very sad that she returned it. I tweeted it out and it went viral all over the Internet because see, the issue of real Indian and fake Indian, there’s a truth there because here’s a woman who actually checked off the box to say that she was Native American.”

“This foretells a person who was basically a self-serving elitist — is willing to cut in line as she needs — is willing to promote policies, for example, illegal immigration so others can cut in line.” 

Ayyadurai, who was born in Bombay, India, is running to “Defeat #FakeIndian Elizabeth Warren” (slogan on his website) but came to America legally. Elizabeth Warren has famously been referred to by President Donald Trump on numerous occasions as “Pocahontas,” a mockery to her alleged fake Indian heritage. Prior to that, the nickname “Fauxcahontas” was often used to mock Warren.

“So this is essentially disrespect for the law and disrespect of the country,” he summarized about Warren’s ideology and life story.

Watch the entire interview below:

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