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Eboni K. Williams: Democrat Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel is ‘Political Scum’ [VIDEO]

Eboni K. Williams

FOX News Specialists co-host Eboni K. Williams may be a liberal but she’s no Democrat Party hack as many liberals on cable new are, as she clearly displayed on Monday’s show in which she harshly criticized a fellow Democrat.

On Monday, after it was announced that Democrat Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel is suing the Trump administration over withholding federal tax money to cities who continue to promote and nurture illegal immigration with so-called “sanctuary cities” policies, Williams lambasted the Chicago mayor, who she referred to as “political scum” that led to the election of President Donald Trump, who had never before held political office before getting elected president.

Williams called Chicago the “deadliest city in the U.S.,” noting that the Chicago murder rate is greater than New York and Los Angeles combined under Rahm Emanuel’s leadership and that the Windy City is on pace to surpass last year’s record murder rate.

Then Eboni K. Williams let Rahm Emanual, a veteran political hack from both the Clinton and Obama administrations, have it with both barrels:

“Emanuel epitomized the political double-talk, corruption, the failed leadership, that led many in our country to, for the first time ever, elect a non-politician or military person into the White House. 

Yes, Trump is largely our president because of political scum just like Rahm Emanuel. 

And I can’t stand that Emanuel’s failed leadership is contributing to the destruction of families and communities throughout the city of Chicago.”

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Despite Williams strong opposition to Rahm Emanuel’s corrupt politics, she went on to argue that he could have a strong case against the federal government. However, the federal government has long used withholding funding as a blackmail tool against states (so why would cities be any different?) who failed to get in line.

In the 1970’s, for example, Democrat Jimmy Carter used the threat of withholding highway funds in order to coerce states to implement his tyrannical national 55 MPH speed limit (terrible times, by the way) because of the “energy crisis” (many other examples exist).

I remember it vividly, as my first car, a 1972 Chevelle SS, had a hard time complying with the law.


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