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Donald Trump Jr. Releases Emails Regarding Meeting with Russian Attorney

As the mainstream media continues to stir the pot to try to prove Russian collusion with the Trump campaign regarding the 2016 presidential election, they have time after time come up empty.

It has reached the point where one doubts the credibility of the Democrat Media Complex since numerous stories have had to be retracted as “fake news” when the unnamed sources that supposedly provided a bombshell turned out to be complete fabrications and lies.

Recently, the New York Times, one of the biggest purveyors of erroneous and fake news, released what they called another bombshell report. They alleged that Donald Trump, Jr. met with someone from Russia, being framed as an operative of the Russian government though the woman is a private citizen and an attorney, to get information about Hillary Clinton. Collusion proved, right? Not so fast, according to Trump, Jr.

The meeting, set up by a man by the name of Ron Goldstone, was attended by Trump Jr., Jared Kushner, and then-campaign manager Paul Manafort. They met with Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya in June 2016.

Though the men thought she had damaging information about Hillary, Trump Jr. said he viewed it as simply opposition research. The meeting ultimately, according to Don Jr., amounted to nothing and the conversation was largely about adoption policy and the Magnitsky Act. The adoption of Russian children by Americans was banned by the Russian government in response to the Magnitsky Act.

In response to this latest controversy, Donald Trump, Jr. released his full email communication regarding the meeting on Twitter. The first tweet includes a statement about the email as well as three pages of the email chain. The second tweet includes the fourth page.

Will this put the matter of this meeting to rest or bring about another week of panel discussions about it as well as an attempt by the Democrats to say this proves collusion?

One thing is no doubt certain. You’ll hear obsessive CNN and conspiracy theory MSNBC fixate on these emails while they largely ignore the fact that more than half of former FBI director James Comey’s “personal memos on Trump conversations” contained  classified information.

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Jennifer Burke
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