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Donald Trump Admits: ‘I Might Have Made a Mistake’ in Endorsing Luther Strange Over Judge Roy Moore [VIDEO]

President Donald Trump speaking Friday night, Sept. 22, at a rally in Alabama in support of swamp creature Luther Strange

During President Donald Trump’s rally to show support for RINO Mitch McConnell stooge, lifelong DC lobbyist and swamp creature Luther Strange, who the president endorsed, even though many of his supporters like Sebastian Gorka, Sean Hannity, Sarah Palin, and many others endorsed legendary Ten Commandments Judge Roy Moore, the president admitted that he may have made a “mistake’ with the endorsement.

“I might have made a mistake,” President Trump told the Alabama crowd before the special election on September 26 to fill the seat vacated when former Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions became attorney general. “I’ll be honest, I might have made a mistake,” he said for emphasis.

Luther Strange, a former Alabama attorney general, was appointed by corrupt Alabama Governor Robert Bentley in February, whom Strange was supposed to be investigating for corruption. Strange bolted a press gaggle on Thursday when asked about the suspicious appointment.

Breitbart News, who had been a huge supporter of then-candidate Donald Trump, even during the 2016 GOP primary when there were much more conservative candidates in the running — like [score]Ted Cruz[/score] — was denied entry to the Trump-Luther Strange rally on Friday night, according to Breitbart TV editor Jeff Poor:

Meanwhile, HUD secretary Ben Carson broke with Trump, singing the praises of Trump-McConnell endorsed candidate Luther Strange:


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