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Dirty Democrats Run Last-Minute Ad Encouraging Write-in of Alabama Coach Nick Saban

Democrats have all but conceded that they can’t honestly defeat legendary Judge Roy Moore in the upcoming Alabama Senate election on Tuesday so they’re pulling out all of the dirty tricks with just two days to go.

They can’t win on the issues. They have a far-left candidate, Democrat Doug Moore, who’s anti-American positions include anti-life, anti-borders, anti-Second Amendment rights, and pro-bathroom perverts just to name a few.

Jones and his campaign can’t win on these issues, so he isn’t running on them. The corrupt Democrat Media Complex, colluding with the Democrats and the GOP establishment led by swamp-dweller Mitch McConnell, don’t mention Jones’ positions but are instead depending on the political character assassination smear campaign against Judge Roy Moore, a respected figure in Alabama for four decades.

But now the Democrat Party has sunk even lower. The voter fraud-promoting Democrats are running deceptive ads encouraging Alabama voters to vote for University of Alabama football coach Nick Saban as a write-in candidate rather than vote for Roy Moore.

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From The Hill:

The video, published by American Bridges, shows step-by-step instructions for voters, telling them not to vote along party lines, to fill in the bubble next to the write-in slot and to write-in the candidate of choice, providing Saban as the example.

Saban has been the head football coach for the Alabama Crimson Tide since 2007. The team has won four national championships during his time there.

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Nevermind that the popular Nick Saban isn’t a candidate for the U.S. Senate. Honesty has never mattered very much to the Democrats. The strategy here is clear. If they can peel off a few hundred or thousands of votes by Republicans who’ve bought into the fake news media’s attacks against Judge Moore, it may be enough to push Doug Jones over the finish line.


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