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Dennis Prager Explains PragerU Lawsuit Against YouTube: ‘If America Looks Good, It’s Restricted’ [VIDEO]

Tucker Carlson, Dennis Prager

Dennis Prager, a conservative radio talk show host and founder of online educational video company PragerU, which teaches free constitutional, Judeo-Christian, and conservative economic principles, appeared on Tucker Carlson Tonight to explain his lawsuit against YouTube and it’s parent company Google, who have been demonetizing and restricting videos PragerU produces.

Prager explained that the PragerU videos are as innocent as you can find on the Internet, including presenters who are often Pulitzer prize winners from Stanford, Harvard, and Yale.

One video restricted by YouTube, Prager said, was on the Ten Commandments and “Thou Shall Not Murder,” which was placed on YouTube’s restrictive list. Another ridiculous example is a video entitled “America Must Lead,” that was stifled. Prager said liberals have a video by the same title that was not restricted.

Prager summarized how he characterized YouTube’s restrictive policies, telling Carlson that if the video makes either America or Israel look good, they restrict it.

PragerU isn’t the only company that has been hit by YouTube’s demonetization censorship. Big time YouTube stars like Dave Rubin and Stephen Crowder — and many other (if not all conservatives) have also been affected.

We can attest to experiencing the exact same issue as other conservative YouTube users on our own YouTube channel. Nearly every video we clip, even of the President of the United States speaking, are flagged as “Not Appropriate for All Advertisers,” especially when they make progressive leftist Democrats look bad.

You can appeal the demonetization, but only after the video gets at least 1,000 views will they review the decision with a human reviewer. This adversely effects smaller YouTube users and start-ups.

Watch the Prager interview below via FOX News:

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