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Democrats to Unveil New Slogan; Hint: It’s Laughable

The Democrat Party, fundamentally transformed by Barack Obama from the party of John F. Kennedy into a party of coastal elites and sexual perverts and deviants over the past eight years, it set to unveil their new campaign slogan for the upcoming 2018 midterm elections and it’s about as ridiculous as you might imagine.

Via a report from the website Vox, which should be in the know since it’s a mouthpiece for the progressive leftist freaks within the Democrat Party, said on Thursday that the new propaganda slogan is…

“A Better Deal: Better Skills, Better Jobs, Better Wages”

On Monday, the new slogan will be officially announced, according to Jeff Stein of Vox:

If all of a sudden you’re salivating at the slogan and can’t figure out why it may be because it sounds ripped off from the Papa Johns pizza chain (think all of the Peyton Manning commercials), as pointed out on Twitter:

Of course, the Democrats — the party of a big, intrusive, tyrannical federal government that taxes and regulates every ounce of lifeblood out of the economy — have no way to explain how they will produce the results their new slogan promises.

Free market capitalism and getting the government the hell out of the way — lower taxes, less regulation — is the only method mankind has invented that produces the kind of results the Democrat slogan promotes.

But Democrats oppose all things free market all the time, sometimes violently as “progressives,” i.e., communists, now run the party, meaning that the new slogan is nothing more than propaganda that has no relationship to reality.

Maybe the slogan is a subtle mind trick into communicating to us all that a good job would be an economy in which everybody is a pizza delivery driver or something. Who knows?

h/t:  Town Hall

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