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Democrat Senator: Government Can Cure All ‘Anxiety’ and ‘Sadness’

Democrat Senator and Anti-Second Amendment Rights Nutjob Chris Murphy from Connecticut

There are no limits to government power in eliminating all your sorrows and pain, says government-worshiping Democrat Senator Chris Murphy (COMMIE – CT), following the vote that, for now at least, killed Obamacare repeal.

“Last night proved, once again, that there is no anxiety or sadness or fear you feel right now that cannot be cured by political action,” Senator Murphy tweeted Friday morning following Republicans failed attempt to repeal part of the disastrous 2,700-page disaster that has caused millions to lose their doctors, their health insurance policies, and have had both their insurance premiums and deductibles unnecessarily skyrocket because of Obamacare.

So you know what to do, ladies and gentlemen. Whenever you’re the least bit anxious, sad, worried, or fearful, call Senator Chris Murphy’s office toll-free at (860) 549-8463 to get some much-needed help in your life. He’ll personally wipe away your tears and give you eternal joy. Make sure and reference his July 28 tweet regarding anxiety and sadness. And of course, be polite.

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Don’t feel like calling, there are other ways to get healed by Senator Murphy. You can send him an electronic message, although you need to select a topic of concern and there’s nothing on the drop-down menu about pain, suffering or general sadness or anxiety.  Or, you could message him on Twitter or Facebook, so others can see how benevolent the Connecticut senator is with other people’s money.

And shoot, you don’t even need to be a constituent of the progressive leftist Democrat’s to make that contact.  With his god-like powers, Chris Murphy should be should be able to bless you from on high, because that’s how much he cares about you, you see.

Under Communism, the government is lord, god, and savior, which is why communist regimes typically outlaw religion out of the gate. Their government is god and it’s a jealous god that doesn’t like competition from the real God. It seems like that’s where Senator Murphy is going here. I know, a real shocker.

WARNING: ALL Federal Government Involvement in Health Care is Unconstitutional

Remember, there’s nothing government can’t do for you so don’t hold back. Make your request today!





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