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Democrat Sen. Ed Markey Outright LIES About Trump Travel Ban: ‘If You are Muslim, You Cannot Come to the U.S.’

On Monday, President Trump received at least a partial win as the Supreme Court ruled that the administration could start blocking travel to the United States from six countries universally known to be hotbeds of Islamic terrorism, but will still allow those to enter who have relationships with U.S. citizens.

Predictably, wailing and gnashing of teeth from pro-terrorism leftists begun immediately and Democrat Senator [score]Ed Markey[/score] (rhymes with malarky, as in, full of it) provided an early example.

Appearing on CNN with Kate Bolduan, Ed Markey, a far-left loon from Massachusetts, claimed that the so-called Trump travel ban — which he called a “Muslim ban,” prohibits individuals from entering the United States just because they are Muslim, an outrageous lie since, as Bolduan interjected, the word “Muslim” is not part of the language of the law.

“I’m disappointed that the court just didn’t rule that a Muslim ban in and of itself is unconstitutional,” Markey growled before claiming that the “Statue of Liberty is staring at the Trump Tower in New York City every single day.”

What an absolute clown.

There are 50 Muslim-majority countries in the world. If Trump wanted to ban all Muslims, why weren’t those countries included in the Trump executive order?

Markey continued his malarky:

“At its heart, it is a Muslim ban and it says to all refugees: ‘If you’re a Muslim, you cannot come to the United States of America regardless of the reason…'”

Actually, it says no such thing. The claim was so atrocious that it caused Bolduan’s eyebrows to rise.

“No mention of Muslim in the executive order,” Bolduan corrected. “But the Supreme Court will have the final say.”

President Trump offered this tweet of thanks to the Supreme Court for their decision.

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