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Democrat Dianne Feinstein Confesses: No Laws Would Have Prevented Vegas Massacre [VIDEO]

Democrat Senator Dianne Feinstein appearing on "Meet the Press," Oct. 8, 2017

Many anti-Secondment Amendment rights Democrats are using the tragedy and evil of the recent Las Vegas massacre to score cheap political points, calling for new gun control laws.

However, on Sunday, liberal Democrat Senator [score]Dianne Feinstein [/score]admitted to Chuck Todd on NBC’s Meet the Press that she couldn’t think of any new laws that would have stopped the Las Vegas massacre that resulted in dozens of deaths and hundreds of more injuries.

“Let me ask you this: give me the slate of laws that if you could wave your wand and have enacted that could have prevented Vegas?” Todd asked Feinstein.

“Well, I don’t know. I would have to take a good look at that and really study it,” Feinstein replied. “I’m not sure there is any set of laws that could have prevented it,” she confessed.

Imagine that. Senator Dianne Feinstein has been in public office for several decades now and can’t name one single law that would have stopped the Las Vegas mass murderer. For a liberal, that is quite the admission considering their propensity to think that passing new laws is the cure for everything.

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Liberal late night hosts and other progressive leftist Democrats — like the overly emotional Jimmy Fallen — have begged the government to “do something” since the tragedy, even though if they were intellectually honest as Feinstein is here, they would admit that if someone is hellbent on disregarding current laws and committing evil, it’s naive to think they’d adhere to new ones leftists dream up to make themselves feel better.

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