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Is Democrat Congressman Adam Schiff CNN’s Leaker? [VIDEO]

Is Democrat Congressman Adam Schiff CNN's secret "source?"

Is Russia-obsessed leftist Congressman Adam Schiff the notorious leaker the anonymous “source” to CNN’s numerous fake news stories? It certainly appears that he is based on this bombshell report from FOX News reporter Ed Henry.

Appearing on The Ingraham Angle Friday night with host Laura Ingraham, Ed Henry reported that during Donald Trump Jr.’s recent non-public testimony, the California congressman darted out of the room several times. Within minutes of Schiff’s departure, CNN would report on what was going on behind closed doors:

“While he was still behind closed doors, mid-testimony, CNN was already posting stories suggesting that Donald Trump, Jr., was testifying to something nefarious. CNN reporting that according to ‘multiple sources familiar with the testimony,’ that was still going on. Quote, ‘Donald Trump Jr. Told House investigators he did not communicate directly with his father when confronted with news reports about his June 2016 Trump Tower meeting. Instead, Trump Jr. said he was speaking to White House aide Hope Hicks about how to respond to the reports.’

That sparked a flurry of reports suggesting maybe Hope Hicks, the White House communications director deeper had some deeper, unspecified role in a collusion narrative even though it was not clear there was anything criminal or even inappropriate about those conversations.

Well, the new information I’m told tonight by Republicans close to the committee is that Donald Trump Jr. and his attorney were asked to surrender their phones before he went behind closed doors for that testimony.

But then during the hours of testimony, they noticed Adam Schiff was leaving the room at various times. And then these stories started of popping up on CNN and elsewhere about the testimony, leading them to believe the leaks were coming right from the top. But since Donald Trump Jr.’s team didn’t have their phones they didn’t find out about these stories popping up on CNN and elsewhere until several hours after the testimony started.

That’s why they’re demanding the Justice Department investigate whether it was Adam Schiff himself or other top Democrats that did the leaking and they think that’s why Schiff came out today, Laura and started to try to shift the blame and say the Republicans are trying to shut down this investigation. They are saying Donald Trump Jr. was testifying to what he knew and during the testimony leaks were springing up everywhere.”

If the bug-eyed Democrat Adam Schiff — seemingly CNN’s most popular guest — is the leaker, he should be walked out of Washington, D.C. in handcuffs. When congressional members agree to a non-public hearing, they should not be leaking to the media just so that they can get their mug on TV in return.

Watch the full report below via FOX News:

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