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Democrat Caught on Tape: I’m Glad Scalise Got Shot and I Wish He was Dead

Just a week after the chairwoman of the Nebraska Democrat Party Black Caucus, Chelsey Gentry-Tipson was forced to resign for posting on Facebook that the shooting of Steve Scalise was “funny,” this just came in from the party of “love is love,” “peace,” “tolerance,” “understanding” and “open-mindedness.”

As hospitalized Republican Congressman Steve Scalise, a victim of a communist Bernie Sanders-inspired progressive terrorist continues to fight for his life, a leading Democrat in Nebraska was caught on tape saying that not only is he glad that Scalise was shot, but he wishes that he were dead.

“I’m glad he got shot. I’m not going to f***ing say that in public. I wish he was f***ing dead,” now fired former co-chair of the Democrat state party’s technology committee Phil Montag says in the recording.

Nebraska TV station KPTM reports from Omaha:

A Nebraska Democratic Party official is now in hot water. An audio recording was posted on YouTube Thursday with Phil Montag, a technology chairman, voicing how glad he was that House Majority Whip Steve Scalise, R-La., got shot last week at a GOP baseball practice. Nebraska Democratic Party Chairwoman Jane Kleeb confirmed to FOX 42 News Thursday it was really his voice.

“His whole job is to get people, convince Republicans to (expletive) kick people off (expletive) health care. I’m glad he got shot,” said Montag in the audio recording.

Montag is now looking for a new job; Kleeb let him go after the recording became public.

“I wish he was (expletive) dead,” said Montag in the recording.

As you can see from the report below, Kleeb did go to the police Thursday morning because she viewed Phil Montag’s words as a potentially violent threat.

According to WOWT in Omaha, Montag made the comments during a private meeting with the party’s Black Caucus Chairwoman, Chelsey Gentry-Tipton, and a friend of hers, the same Gentry-Tipton who opined that she “found it funny” that Scalise was shot.

It sounds like Montag may have been radicalized by the violent rhetoric coming out of the Democrat Party by leading progressive leftists like Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, Nancy Pelosi and others, who claim that Republicans are trying to actually kill people by taking away failing Obamacare.

Montag is not available for comment as the station has tried reaching him by text, email, phone and even in person without any success.

He’s probably hiding under Bernie Sanders’ desk.

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