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Dem Senator Gets Wrecked When He Whines About the Elimination of Insurance Company Bailouts

Democrat Senator and Anti-Second Amendment Rights Nutjob Chris Murphy from Connecticut

When you read this tweet by Senator Chris Murphy, a Democrat from Connecticut, you will wonder how in the world the man is even serving in Congress when he obviously has no concept of how government works. Then again, in this day and age, far too many in Congress, regardless of political party, have no concept of how government works. But, I digress.

On Friday morning, President Donald Trump announced that he would stop the bailout payments to insurance companies which were meant to “make Obamacare more affordable.” (NOTE: Many Americans have witnessed their premiums double, triple, even quadruple since this unconstitutional law’s inception.) This isn’t something he decided to do by sticking his finger in the air or waking upon one morning deciding to, as CNN claims “end subsidies for poor people.” The decision to stop payments was made because the payments have been deemed to be unconstitutional, something that Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) reiterated during a Friday morning appearance on CNN.

“He’s not subverting a law. He’s stopping unconstitutional payments to insurance companies who’ve made record profits the last few quarters. This is not appropriated dollars.”

But, hey, who needs to go through the proper channels for appropriation of dollars when you can just spew untrue propaganda in a continued quest to manipulate the masses. At least, that appears to be the mindset of Sen. Murphy. He took to Twitter this morning a spewed this misinformation.

Don’t worry, folks. Charles C.W. Cooke, the editor of National Review, set Murphy straight with one tweet.

He wasn’t the only one to school this obviously constitutionally illiterate Democrat.

Another woman shared her plight of going from health insurance she could afford, and therefore use, before Obamacare to now being forced to pay for an ACA policy with a premium and deductible that she can’t afford which thereby renders her “insurance” unusable.

This guy lets Murphy know that people are on to the Democrats’ game.

Then there’s this one…a perfect closure to this article.


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