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Dem Senator Cries GOP is Trying to ‘Take Our Stuff;’ Immediately Gets Schooled

California Communist Kamala Harris

Now, this is rich.

The Democrats have built their party by taking. They prey upon people by convincing them that they are victims and preaching that the success of others is what has held them back from achievement, whether that achievement is related to income, education, home ownership, etc. The sick, mental mind game of attacking the wealthy by accusing them of stealing from the poor, attacking whites by accusing them of microaggressions and inherent racism to hold blacks back, demonizing white men by accusing them of misogyny…you get my drift…is the modus operandi for the Democrat Party.

They divide people among whatever lines they deem to be political beneficial for them. Taking from the makers in order to accomplish that objective is just icing on the cake for the left.

That twisted reality is what makes the following tweet from Senator [score]Kamala Harris[/score] (D-CA) even more blatantly hypocritical.

Note to self…one of the new Democrat buzzword, talking points is “stuff.” You know, dumbing information down even more as they condescendingly speak to their constituents.

Senator Harris would like you to forget all of Obama’s lies that people would be able to keep their health care plans and keep their doctors, period. She would like you to not know that exchanges under Obamacare have closed around the country with some areas left with no choices because the model is economically unsustainable. They don’t want you to realize that many people were forced into Obamacare after losing their health insurance because of it.

The media allies of Harris and the Democrats work, as MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski stated “to control what people think” by not reporting on the large numbers of people around the country who have witnessed their premiums double, triple or worse as their deductibles simultaneously skyrocketed rendering their “health insurance” virtually unusable.

Don’t worry. Senator Harris got schooled swiftly and with authority.

Many reminded her that other people’s money is not her or anyone else’s “stuff” other than they one who earned it.

She was called out for her manipulation.

She was called out for her hypocrisy.

She was schooled on the Constitution and how health care is nowhere within the government’s constitutional authority.

The Daily Wire’s Ben Shapiro got in on the action with these tweets.

Seth Mandel from the New York Post reminded Harris of an inconvenient truth. She actually pushed a bill to allow the seizure of people’s property by prosecutors prior to any charges being filed against them.

Even I had to jump in by asking if this demand to “not take stuff” is support for tax reform so Americans can keep more of their hard earned “stuff.”

Let’s end this little lesson for Democrat Senator Kamala Harris with this simple yet powerful tweet.

Damn straight.

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