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Dana Perino Takes Down NSA Leaker Supporter Rosie O’Donnell in One Short Tweet

Rosie O’Donnell supports the anti-American, illegal actions of accused NSA leaker Reality Leigh Winner so much that she donated money to her and encouraged others to do the same by tweeting a link to a GoFundMe account set up to support the traitorous actions of Winner (who one could argue is actually a loser).

Notice that Rosie even called “Winner” a “brave, young, patriot.” I guess she missed the part where the loser “Winner” tweeted out allegiance to the Taliban and told Iran, the largest state-sponsor of terror, that she was on their side. Perhaps to a far-leftist like Rosie those actions are warped patriotism.

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Enter FOX News host and former Press Secretary under President George W. Bush, Dana Perino.

Dana isn’t one to mix it up too much on Twitter. That would actually be a different Dana, as in Dana Loesch. But, when it came to Rosie’s support of a person who leaked top secret government information, Perino obviously had enough. She tweeted the following.


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Of course, Rosie tried to backtrack and high tail and run away from her original tweet with this lame response. For some reason, she also seems to think that whether or not she likes Dana Perino matters the least bit to Dana Perino.

Tweeps on Twitter let her know that her attempt to backtrack wasn’t going to work. They called her out for the danger in her actions and ignorance.

Sadly, Rosie is not the only person donating money to the defense fund of a far-left activist who is not only accused of leaking top secret information but who also said she wanted to burn the White House down (after Trump became president) and pledged allegiance to the Taliban terrorists.

To date, more than $35,000 has been raised through donations by 841 people. Do those 841 people stand with the Taliban like Reality Leigh Winner?

h/t The Blaze

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