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Dana Loesch on Harvey Weinstein: ‘Where are the REAL MEN in Hollywood?’ [VIDEO]

Dana Loesch speaking at the Value Voters Summit on October 13, 2017

Dana Loesch: Real ‘Masculinity Isn’t Toxic; Masculinity is Marvelous’

At the Values Voter Summit on Friday, conservative radio and TV talk show host Dana Loesch, who also is a spokesperson for NRA, took a dual shot at Hollywood and political correctness, proclaiming that “feminism is dead,” slamming the “pink hat brigade” and asking where the “real men” were in Hollywood to stop progressive perverts like Democrat moneyman Harvey Weinstein.

“Feminism is dead,” Loesch strongly stated. “Third wave feminism has betrayed women. It has betrayed men. It has betrayed families. It has betrayed children. It has betrayed our culture. Third wave feminism exists to subjugate men. Period. They have replaced the patriarchy with the matriarchy,” she charged.

Dana Loesch said that as a mother of young boys (feminists aren’t going to like this one bit), she declared that real masculinity isn’t toxic but is “marvelous.”

“Masculinity isn’t toxic,” she said. “Masculinity is marvelous. [boisterous cheers] As a mother of sons, as a wife, as a granddaughter, as a daughter, men are wonderful and they are unappreciated and you know what? You can mansplain all you want to because we womansplain enough. God bless you, men.”

Furthermore, Loesch asserted that in the Ozarks, where she grew up — or in “flyover country” — real men know how to handle creeps like Harvey Weinstein who abuse women. Specifically, Dana Loesch called out Ben Affleck and George Clooney, both progressive leftists, who seemingly knew about progressive sexual predator Harvey Weinstein’s serial abuse of women and cowardly did absolutely nothing to stop him.

“The pink hat brigade, where were they for the forced female genital mutilation in Minnesota? Where were they at? Nobody was throwing birth control pills like Mardi gras beads up there so they didn’t show up? I don’t know.

Where were the pink hats for Harvey Weinstein? Notice, nobody spoke up en masse until it was confirmed he was fired from his company. Yeah. These third wave feminism. I’m going to tell you what, I say masculinity is marvelous because it is. If there were more real men in Hollywood, Harvey Weinstein would have had a couple of black eyes. Where I come from —

[cheers and applause]

That’s what happens in the Ozarks if you mistreat women. That’s what happens in flyover nation if you mistreat women. That’s what happens in the real world where real men are around and that’s what they do when women are mistreated. That’s what happens.

Where are the real men in Hollywood?

Where were the Ben Afflecks? Where were the George Clooneys? They weren’t aware of this?! Where were they at? They were quiet! They were quiet, as women were oppressed and preyed upon.”

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