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Dan Bongino: Mitch McConnell is the ‘Ultimate Swamp Rat’ [VIDEO]

Appearing on the FOX News edition of “Outnumbered” on Thursday, former secret service agent, former NYPD officer, best-selling author, and former congressional candidate Dan Bongino appropriately labeled Republican Senate Majority Leader [score]Mitch McConnell [/score]as the “ultimate swamp rat,” for being so entrenched in Washington, DC for decades and slammed the establishment RINO for having very little to show for it.

Asked about the supposed “rift” between McConnell and President Trump, Bongino, who also hosts the popular “Renegade Republican” podcast, said that maybe a rift between the president and McConnell is exactly what’s needed:

“Maybe we need a rift, I mean, Mitch McConnell is the ultimate swamp rat. This guy has been in charge forever. Now ask yourself this question to anyone in your listening audience prove me wrong. 

What lasting political victory has the Republican Party been able to legislatively push forward with Mitch McConnell in charge? Don’t tell me about gas exports — I get it — that’s nice. Don’t tell me about the sequester you broke. Lasting?! What have we won? We lost on taxes, we lost on government spending, we lost on Obamacare.”

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“I’m tired of giving money to these clowns,” a frustrated Bongino told the panel. “They go to D.C., take our money, they make us knock on the doors for them, they get elected and smack us in the face.”

Surrender Caucus Leader Mitch McConnell, who has a Conservative Review Liberty Score of “F,” 42% out of a possible 100%, was voted this week as the most hated politician in America.

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