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Dan Bongino Lowers the Boom on Leftists Screaming for Gun Control After Texas Church Massacre [VIDEO]

Dan Bongino appearing on FOX & Friends, Nov. 6, 2017, discussing Democrats' reaction to the Texas Church Massacre

Within minutes of the horrific Texas Church Massacre in which 26 Christians were slaughtered by an evil God-hating atheist, progressive leftist Democrats came out of the woodwork from all cracks to attack Second Amendment rights by calling for more gun control laws, naively believing that someone with so much evil in their heart would abide by their laws — the fatal conceit.

Whether it was leftist MSNBC hack Joy Reid, leftist Democrats, or virtually every commie actor, calls for gun control and attacks against the NRA were brutally mean-spirited, hateful, and factually ignorant (here are 15 unhinged examples).

And former FBI agent and conservative commentator Dan Bongino, host of “The Renegade Republican,” podcast, appeared on FOX & Friends Monday morning to discuss the Left’s immediate politicization of the tragedy and did not hold back, telling Democrats that he was not going to give up his Second Amendment rights because some Democrat wants a donation from anti-Second Amendment rights zealot, leftist billionaire Michael Bloomberg.

Here’s the righteous rant a justifiably angered Dan Bongino delivered after FOX & Friends co-host read off anti-Secondment Amendment rights remarks from Marxist Democrat Senators [score]Richard Blumenthal [/score]and [score]Elizabeth Warren[/score]:

“No! No! No! No! I am not giving up and nor is anyone else my right to defend my daughter, my wife, and myself because some Democrat wants a donation from Michael Bloomberg. No!

You didn’t get — what part of this do you not get? You guys did not give us these rights. These are God-given rights [that] good patriotic men and women have to stay alive.

You know what, Brian [Kilmeade]? Not me. It’s not happening to me. I am a patriotic, law-abiding, God-fearing American. I have the right to survive an attack by a homicidal maniac. I am not surrendering my firearm and my ability to defend my wife and kids because you want a Michael Bloomberg donation.

That is your problem. That is not mine.

The society is full of wolfs. We all know that. Do not be a sheep and do not fall prey to these sick partisan talking points. You deserve the right to defend yourself. I’m tired of this garbage and so does every law-abiding American as well. This is not the time for garbage politics like this.”

Dan Bongino just effectively ripped the mask off the motivation behind the Left’s immediate call for gun control — leftist billionaires like Michael Bloomberg, Tom Steyer, and George Soros who shower them with campaign contributions to attack God-given rights of law-abiding American citizens.

Watch below, courtesy of FOX News:

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